Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game (Board Game)

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Game description from the publisher: 'Crossroads' is a new series from Plaid Hat Games that tests a group of survivors' ability to work together and stay alive while facing crises and challenges from both outside and inside. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, the first game in this series, puts 2-5 players in a small, weakened colony of survivors in a world where most of humanity is either dead or diseased, flesh-craving monsters. Each player leads a faction of survivors with dozens of different characters in the game. Dead of Winter is a meta-cooperative psychological survival game. This means players are working together toward one common victory condition — but for each individual player to achieve victory, he must also complete his personal secret objective. This secret objective could relate to a psychological tick that's fairly harmless to most others in the colony, a dangerous obsession that could put the main objective at risk, a desire for sabotage of the main mission, or (worst of all) vengeance against the colony! Certain games could end with all players winning, some winning and some losing, or all players losing. Work toward the group's goal, but don't get walked all over by a loudmouth who's looking out only for his own interests! Dead of Winter is an experience that can be accomplished only through the medium of tabletop games. It's a story-centric game about surviving through a harsh winter in an apocalyptic world. The survivors are all dealing with their own psychological imperatives, but must still find a way to work together to fight off outside threats, resolve crises, find food and supplies, and keep the colony's morale up. Dead of Winter has players making frequent, difficult, heavily- thematic, wildly-varying decisions that often have them deciding between what is best for the colony and what is best for themselves.

Product Details

Boards & Dice
21 Aug 2015
Thematic Games
Game Mechanic
Year Published
Crossroads Series
# of Players
2 − 5
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 4 players,Recommended with 3, 4, 5 players
Suggested Ages
13 and up
Playing Time
100 minutes
Game Designer
  • Jonathan Gilmour
  • Isaac Vega
Game Artist
  • David Richards
  • Fernanda Suarez
  • Peter Wocken
User Suggested Ages
12 and up
Language Dependence
Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
  • 2014 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork & Presentation Nominee
  • 2014 Golden Geek Best Innovative Board Game Nominee
  • 2014 Golden Geek Best Innovative Board Game Winner
  • 2014 Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game Nominee 2014 Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game Winner
  • 2014 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Nominee
  • 2014 Meeples' Choice Nominee
  • 2015 Origins Awards Best Board Game Nominee
Expansion Sets
  • Dead of Winter: Andrea Smith
  • Dead of Winter: Dice Tower Promos
  • Dead of Winter: Felicia Day
  • Dead of Winter: Kodiak Colby Dead of Winter: Lucky Luke Smith
Supply Source
South Africa

Customer Reviews

A team survival at its best

Reviewed by on

This is one of those great thematic experiences that if you are into the walking dead (or any zombie thing really) you will surely love.

Best played with 4 players, everyone has their own objective while also trying to keep the colony safe and alive, and not only that, but one of you might be a betrayer to the colony... Or no one is. When one of the players make a strange decision by not contributing to the ever present crisis in each round, it causes suspicions to rise on if there is even a betrayer, this keeps the game constantly on edge.

The crossroads mechanic also keeps the thematic stories of the characters going and makes the world seam alive... Well. As alive as possible with most of the world being undead.

There are plenty of different objective/crossroads and characters to keep the game very replayable, and all the components in the box are of a high quality.
There is also a app that you can use in place of the actual crossroads cards that adds some atmospheric winter sounds and reads out the crossroads cards for you.

All im all a very enjoyable game and one that is one of the must have get for zombie genre lovers