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9-cube set with a general theme


A set of 9-cubes featuring pictograms with different themes, used to piece together creative stories.

If you're buying your first set of Rory's Story Cubes, this is the pack for you. 

Rory's Story Cubes Original is a fun, non-competitive game for players of all ages. Roll the 9 dice to make one of over a million combinations, for limitless storytelling fun.

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25 Aug 2015
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Rory's Story Cubes
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Great Family Game for Kids,Adults and Elders

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This little box of dice is a great little game to have when you are on the move or just want to pass the time for a little, it is a fun game to play and probably keeps you or your children entertained for about 15-20 minutes. I have found that this would fit perfectly at any coffee shop,dinner table or lounge area as it is a great game to pick up and play.

Rory's Story Cubes come in a small little box and contains 1 shuffle box, 9x 6 sided dice(story cubes) and a small brochure. The shuffle box is a square divided into 9 smaller squares which hold the dice. The 9x cubes are all 6 sided dice with 6 different simple images on each cube which gives a nice variety of topics to discuss about, which also makes it easy for anybody to play as all the images used on the dice are basic images that a person of any age would understand and be able to link with. The Brochure contains instructions on 2-3 different ways of playing the game, this is one thing that could have been done better, this could have been explained better as me and my friends had a hard time starting the game, in the end we just used those instructions as a baseline and created our own rules to type of game.

The game basically works by taking all the story cubes out of the shuffle box and shaking it in your hands and then just randomly dropping the cubes into place, then depending on which type of game you are playing, you choose a player to start the story, tell the middle of the story and end the story, if you are many players you can give more middle sections of the story to the other players, by my experience it was always best to give 1 person to start the story, 1 to end the story and the rest to fill the story with content. Each person that has a turn as to re-shuffle the dice and use the new images as part of their own story, if you get a image that has been used before you have to re-use that image and link it to the last person that used that image. You should pass the story cubes around clockwise or anti-clockwise, you can set a certain amount of loops the cubes go in by saying the cubes must go through all 4 players twice before the 4th(8th turn) player has to end the story.

What makes this game so fun is that the stories are always original and funny, it is especially fun if you are a tight group of friends that are open and enthusiastic to new types of games, as this needs requires a person to really use their imagination, which makes this game so great for kids as it will help their minds work on creating stories and images in their heads, it is just as great for Adults and Elders to play as they also love making up stories and talking nonsense!

A nice small portable game.
Lots of expansions.

Not a great explanation on how to play.
Need people with good imagination or game isn't as enjoyable as it could be.
Expansions are needed after awhile.

My conclusion is that this is a must have for any family as you can use it while on the road, plane, at a restaurant or basically anywhere! It is also easy for any person to join no matter their age. With countless number of expansions to keep the stories unique really help the game stay alive! At a a low price for great fun this is a must have!

Game : 4/5
Time : 15-30 minutes Total
Time Per Round: 5-7 Minutes.

Story cube's are great, choose the right company!

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I love playing story cubes with others as its never the same game twice. The rules are incredibly simple and its so easy to understand an play. The dice and container are built really well and will last if I say not, forever. The only problem is that you must play the game with others who will enjoy it, and with others who have a good imagination. This may push you to your imagi-limit, but is incredibly fun with others who will enjoy iy, as many board games are. The price is great and is a perfect size to take with you wherever you go.

Good quality, requires imagination!

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It is good quality dice, very solid, and comes packed in a neat, sturdy, storage box.

Unfortunately the expansions does not fit in this box, so if you do decide to get some of the expansions you will have to make another storage plan.

The pictures on the dice are pretty and easily distinguished.

The game comes with rules (or rather ideas) for 3 variations of play.

But the real enjoyment will come from games that you invent yourself or if you can use the dice in an educational setup.

All-in-all a good product if you have a place that you can use it.

Rory's Story Cubes, a must-have for parents, teachers, meeting facilitators and collectors of board-games

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Since I was introduced to Rory's Story Cubes in App format, I've used them to play with my kids and spark their imaginations, or even to explore what is going on in their minds. I've also used them as ice-breakers in meetings in which people are called to collaborate with one another and 'innovate' solutions by building on each other's ideas. I myself love non-tech boardgames and my wife and I collect them. These story cubes are beautiful to look at, amazingly pleasing to handle, and incredibly entertaining to use in games with others or with oneself. I was happy to find some rules, but I've enjoyed numerous uses that I invented myself. I am in the process of collecting each and every cube Rory produces, and recommend them without reservation to anyone who enjoys games that require and help develop an imagination.

Fun and educational

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My kids (5 and 7) love them!