Ultra Pro - Standard Sleeves - Regular Soft Card (100 Sleeves)

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Archival-grade, acid-free and non-PVC soft card sleeves designed to hold standard 6.3cm X 7cm cards. Made from clear polypropylene. 100 count per pack.

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15 Dec 2014
Ultra Pro
Ultra Pro
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Customer Reviews

Cheap for OK quality

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Easy way to get plenty sleeves for cheap, but the quality is OK at best. Sleeves are quite loose-fitting and it's a hassle to shuffle a deck of these...

Get only if you're in it for quantity at the cost of quality, or if you're sleeving a collection for display, not play.

Cheap sleeves

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Quality is not bad, thin material, feels cheap and the size is 1-2mm bigger than FFS05.

Cheap for Bulk

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These are nice if you have a lot of cards you just want to protect. Feels plasticy so you won't use this for your main deck.
Good value + quantity for your money

Excellent For Storage

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Excellent sleeves for Storage Purposes, Larger cut so not restrictive on cards. Not good for play use.

Great for collecting, not useful for playing

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Slightly oversized for yu-gi-oh cards, not good for playing, but it's a cheap way to sleeve up your collection.

Very good value for money

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I have bought a number these packs and they work well on most cards. I have made some print and play games and these are perfect to cover the print and play cards. All my MTG cards are also sleeved with these. Very durable.

Cheap and effective

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Worth the price, 100 sleeves for R25 isn't bad. I pretty much sleeved my entire collection of Magic the Gathering and Pokemon cards with these sleeves. Use these sleeves for collecting, not for playing. Great for protecting your cards, not so great to use them to play with as the cards will keep slipping off your deck.

Very useful

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These sleeves are very useful, especially where large quantities are needed. Using these sleeves for A Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings LCG's cost at least three times cheaper than using other sleeves. Yes, they are thinner and maybe a bit more slippery, but seeing that I do not play professionally, these sleeves should help protect my cards for the next decade.

Great Sleeves to protect your prized Collection of Cards

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Great value for money sleeves to protect your MTG, Pokemon etc cards.

Bought a boat load just so that I can sleeve my whole collection.