Ultra Pro - Standard Sleeves - Blue (100 Sleeves)

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Solid Blue Deck Protectors with Ultra PRO's hologram quality seal. Stores and protects standard sized cards. 100-count pack. All Ultra PRO Deck Protectors are archival-safe and acid-free.

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15 Dec 2014
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Ultra Pro
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South Africa

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decent sleeves

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I researched on sleeves a lot before buying these, Ultra Pro gets a lot of smack from people saying there are better sleeves. I bought these on specials at a bargain. their normal price is a bit expensive for what you get but they are still pretty good sleeves. great for shuffling and pretty strong (I tried pulling one apart and it took a significant amount of force). I cant comment in comparison to other sleeve brands but these sleeves are sufficiently strong.

their front parts are quite susceptible to scratches and collecting dirt though, cleaning them roughly also leaves scratches.

I would generally suggest buying these sleeves but would ask Raru to drop sales on sleeves like these more often. they become a good buy only when they are on sale, outside a sale, they are only good for desperate measures.