Champions of Midgard (Board Game)

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Trolls attack your town. Draugr terrorize nearby villages. Monsters strike at travelers and merchants alike. The people are suffering – will you be their champion?

Champions of Midgard is a Viking era worker placement game with dice-driven combat. Taking on the roles of competing Viking leaders, players hunt trolls, battle draugr, and slay mythical Norse beasts in a quest for glory! Playing in just 60-90 minutes, Champions of Midgard is receiving rave reviews and is quickly becoming recognized as exciting and approachable game in the hobby.

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Boards & Dice
2 May 2016
Board Games
Grey Fox Games
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Customer Reviews

Great Dice management game for the family

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Great game to play. If you have played Lord's of Waterdeep, this game will be easy to learn. This game is multifaceted and requires some strategy but a great family game! If you like to play board games, I would highly recommend this one.

Great worker placement game

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Easy to learn, great to play, more player the better
Artwork is fantastic, great theme
Played it once and brought it straight away, glad to have it in my collection