Hive Pocket (Board Game)

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The modern classic game Hive is finally now also available as a convenient compact travel edition! The game concept is the same: encircle the enemy queen bee with your own game pieces using sound strategic play. The unique rules of movement for each playing piece make Hive Pocket a real challenge every time, despite its simple rules and – without a game board!

Product Details

Boards & Dice
31 Mar 2016
Abstract Games
Board Games
Game Mechanic
Tile Placement
Year Published
# of Players
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 2 players, Recommended with 2 players
Suggested Ages
9 and up
Playing Time
20 minutes
Game Designer
John Yianni
Game Artist
John Yianni
HUCH! & friends
User Suggested Ages
Language Dependence
No necessary in-game text
Expansion Sets
Hive: The Pillbug
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Customer Reviews

So much better than Chess

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Frequently compared to other abstract games like chess, Hive and Hive pocket are far superior version of a strategy game based on specifically powered units.

Where chess only has piece movement as a play option, with Hive you are also able to add pieces to an ever expanding board as well as using your pieces to lock down your opponent's pieces. The joy of watching an opponent's hard thought strategy crash around them as you immobilise a key unit, or watching a piece you'd written off early in the game suddenly becoming not only useful, but pivotal, is truly marvelous.

Must buy for any gaming enthusiast.

Great game to take with you everywhere

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I love this little game! It went everywhere with me for a while and I'd play it with friends at restaurants, bars and picnics etc. It's nice, short, full of strategy and lots of fun. The pieces are also really good quality! A highly-recommended filler game. :)

Excellent game, even for kids

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I really enjoy the variety of strategies that Hive allows one to implement. While it may not replace chess, it offers many of the same mechanics and thought processes. It can be very challenging playing against a tough opponent, but in the same breath it can be very nice to play with kids.

The pocket version suits us like a glove, allowing us to fit it in between our other luggage when travelling.

A most excellent game

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Hive pocket is ideal for taking with you, and it's a brilliant game that's an evolution of chess. The pieces are a decent enough size that they don't overwhelm a table. They're nice and solid, and the quality is good. Just one small warning: get the instructions for playing online, because the instructions supplied with this edition of the game are entirely in German and French.