Mayday Games - Tarot Card Premium Sleeves (75 Sleeves)

70mm x 120mm

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There are 75 sleeves per pack and the sleeves are 90 microns thick, our premium thickness. These are compatible with War Of The Rings: CE, but you will need 2 packs of them to sleeve the entire game. The cards will fit snuggly in these sleeves. These may not be available in stores and may not be re-run as it is a very specialized size. These will also work for the following games but you will have to cut the sleeves down to the right height in most cases: Blue Moon, Anno 1701, Power Grid, Power Grid Expansion Deck, Catan Card Game + Expansion, Hellrail (3rd Perdition), Settlers of Catan Card Game, Summertime, Theophrastus, Lord of the Rings: Confrontation Deluxe

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7 Dec 2017
Card Sleeves
Mayday Games
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Tarot sleeves MAYDAY games

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The tarot size sleeves are of sturdy plastic which i really appreciate. I would recommend this product.

Fast, efficient and streamlined service from Raru's side as always.

Sleeves used to sleeve Elder Sign.

Great Sleeves

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I prefer getting the mayday sleeves over the FFG sleeves. They are basically the same quality but are cheaper.
I have bought about 8 packs to use for Elder Sign and Mansions of Madness.