Mayday Games - 7 Wonders Card Sleeves (65 x 100 mm)

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Magnum Ultra-Fit Copper Sleeves: 65 MM X 100 MM for 7 Wonders and more!

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Boards & Dice
28 Jun 2016
Mayday Games
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Good sleeves

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These are good sleeves, as long as you take into consideration that these are board game sleeves and not TCG sleeves. Need 2 packs for Seven Wonders. The backsides are clear.

Excellent for Coup and similar sizes

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These are high quality sleeves that are great for protecting your cards. I specifically bought these for Coup. Bluffing and deception games like Coup depend on keeping the characters printed on your cards secret. For this reason, the backs must not show any damage. These sleeves help to protect the cards against scrapes that would ultimately make individual cards recognisable.

Not enough for 7 Wonders

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Nothing wrong with the sleeves themselves, but 2 packets are required for 7 Wonders (approx. 160 sleeves).