Hanabi (Card Game)

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In this challenging cooperative card game, players work together to launch a spectacular firework display. Trouble is, it’s dark out, so you can’t really see what you are working with! Each player holds their cards so that only the other players can see them. They must give each other vital information and remember all the information received. Then use the information to choose which cards to play. Helping each other play the right cards at the right time is the key to creating an unforgettable show and avoid being booed by the audience! 2-5 players Ages 8 and up Playing time: 30 min. Contains: 60 cards 8 blue clock tokens 4 black fuse tokens

Product Details

Boards & Dice
12 Apr 2017
Family Games
Game Mechanic
Year Published
# of Players
2 - 5
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 4 players, Recommended with 2 - 5 players
Suggested Ages
8 and up
Playing Time
25 minutes
Game Designer
Antoine Bauza
Game Artist
  • Antoine Bauza
  • Gérald Guerlais
  • Albertine Ralenti
R&R Games
User Suggested Ages
Language Dependence
No necessary in-game text
  • 2012 Juego del Año Finalist
  • 2013 Fairplay À la carte Winner
  • 2013 Spiel des Jahres Nominee
  • 2013 Spiel des Jahres Winner
  • 2014 Guldbrikken Best Adult Game Nominee
  • 2014 Hra roku Nominee
Expansion Sets
  • Hanabi: Avalanche de couleurs
  • Hanabi: Die Bonus-Plättchen
  • Hanabi: ¡Gana o explota!
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Brain teaser

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Hanabi is a simple, cheerful little game that packs quite a mental challenge. If you feel like playing a co-op game, but you are not quite in the mood for something as involved as Pandemic or Mysterium, Hanabi is a good choice.