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Comfy pouch, sized to fit Ultra•PRO dice and/or other small accessories, is made of soft plush material. Heavy Duty Zippered pouch on the inside is perfect for gaming dice, tokens or anything else! Has attachable hook to clip your D&D Mimic on the go! (Dice not included)

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Boards & Dice
20 Oct 2016
Ultra Pro
Dungeons & Dragons
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South Africa

Customer Reviews

Mimic's man

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The stitching on it wasnt perfect and needed some help, and well, its kinda small.

Other than that, I do recommend this purchase. It feels great and it's funny to carry around. I am considering buying another one.

My 2 cents...

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A lil disappointed that the band that closes the box was broken on one side and stitching was loose on one of the sides also. A little bit of needle and thread work and it could probably be fixed up - just a schlep that I have to do it - otherwise having to return/exchange it. A general good quality otherwise it seems - will test it out over time. Very awesome looking on the DnD table. Holds about 7 sets of dice apparently from online reviews. Don't regret the purchase