Viticulture: Essential Edition (Board Game)

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In Viticulture, the players find themselves in the roles of people in rustic, pre-modern Tuscany who have inherited meager vineyards. They have a few plots of land, an old crushpad, a tiny cellar, and three workers. They each have a dream of being the first to call their winery a true success.

The players are in the position of determining how they want to allocate their workers throughout the year. Every season is different on a vineyard, so the workers have different tasks they can take care of in the summer and winter. There's competition over those tasks, and often the first worker to get to the job has an advantage over subsequent workers.

Fortunately for the players, people love to visit wineries, and it just so happens that many of those visitors are willing to help out around the vineyard when they visit as long as you assign a worker to take care of them. Their visits (in the form of cards) are brief but can be very helpful.

Using those workers and visitors, players can expand their vineyards by building structures, planting vines (vine cards), and filling wine orders (wine order cards). Players work towards the goal of running the most successful winery in Tuscany.

Viticulture - Essential Edition comes with components for Viticulture, but adds some of the expansions from Tuscany, including 36 Mama & Papa cards, Field cards (previously known as "Properties"), expanded/revised Visitors, and 24 Automa cards (solo variant), along with a couple of minor rule changes.

Card Totals

The Viticulture Essential Edition contains 164 cards at the 44 x 67 mm size and 88 cards at the 63 x 88 mm size.

Product Details

Boards & Dice
7 Mar 2017
Strategy Games
Game Mechanic
Year Published
# of Players
1 - 6
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 3 - 4 players, Recommended with 1 - 6 players
Suggested Ages
13 and up
Playing Time
90 minutes
Game Designer
  • Morten Monrad Pedersen
  • Jamey Stegmaier
  • Alan Stone
Game Artist
  • Jacqui Davis
  • David Montgomery
  • Beth Sobel
Stonemaier Games
User Suggested Ages
Language Dependence
Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
Expansion Sets
  • Tuscany Essential Edition
  • Viticulture: Moor Visitors Expansion
Supply Source
South Africa

Customer Reviews

Beautifully thematic & relaxing gameplay

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

Viticulture is an incredible gateway game into worker placement. It's easy to learn and so thematic that your next move becomes more easier each time you play to plot your way to victory. Also fantastic at a 2 player count. Highly recommend this one, especially with a glass of wine or two!

Thought provoking and thematic worker placement

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

While not the first choice for an introduction to worker placement, Viticulture is a joy for those familiar with the mechanism. It is deeply thematic which makes it easy to learn, and you will have constant surprises due to the replayability offered by the visitor cards, as well as the Mama and Papa cards for setup.

The perfect game with a glass of wine

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

My wife and I adore Viticulture. It is relaxing yet strategic enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. There is a small measure of player interaction, but for the most part this is a fun and beautiful game of making wine.

Excellent Game

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

Viticulture is an excellent worker placement game. The mechanics are simple enough to allow most people to easily start playing, but does offer more experienced players a lot of options to score points.

in other worker placement titles there are many moments where your preferred position is taken by another player, but Viticulture's turn order system and the use of the grande worker, gives you ample opportunity to get you the resources you need.

Also, since I do some gaming on my own, it's nice to have another game with a solo option.

The Essential Edition contains a few improvements from the Tuscany expansion, so it's the best available version to buy - thoroughly recommended!

Beautiful, light fun

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

Viticulture is a worker placement game for 1 to 6 players. It includes a pack of cards that is used for the Automa (solo) play, in which you try to get more than a certain amount of points after a limit number of turns.

The game board is beautiful and the components (especially the glass droplet wine/grape tokens) are fun to handle and easily distinguishable.

You start with a few workers and can use each one once during summer or winter to plant vines, build structures, harvest grapes, make wine, give a tour, draw cards, play cards or fulfil orders.

Turns (years) continue until one player has 20 or more points.

Playing the game is fun and you always wish you had just ONE more action.

The rules initially seemed a bit difficult, but after a play or two everything falls into place.

I can recommend this game. It is also easily teachable to non-gamer family/friends and it will be a blast.

This is not a quick game (about an hour for two players), but setup and teardown is quick thanks to a very functional insert.

(Now to get the expansion(s)!)

Great worker placement

Reviewed by on

Really fun worker placement that is a bit more forgiving since you have a meeple that can use any space, even if it's occupied.
Theme also comes through very nicely.
Would definitely recommend it.