Mayday Games - Standard Card Game Size Sleeves (100 Sleeves)

63.5mm x 88mm

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These are designed for cards of 63.5mm x 88mm or 2.5in x 3 1/2in . They are 100 per pack and priced for bulk purchasing (cheap).

These sleeves are GREAT for card games with a lot of cards that stack. We have play tested a few thicknesses and this thickness works best if you have over about 75 cards in a pile. Any thicker and they simply fall over and difficult to shuffle due to the thickness.

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Boards & Dice
14 Mar 2017
Mayday Games
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Customer Reviews

Value for money sleeves

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I bought several of these packs for use with Legendary Encounters cards and they fit perfectly. Shuffling cards are not impeded by these sleeves at all.

Good quality sleeves used from Unstable Unicorn Cards

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For anyone buying the Unstable Unicorn cards, these sleeves are a must. The cards still fit perfectly in the original box after application (the cards are so much better off as the cards themselves are really bad quality) and shuffling is not hampered, which is great.

High quality sleeves - compatible with many games available from Raru

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These sleeves fit superbly on a wide range of games, including Harbour, Tiny Epic Galaxies (and other titles in the range), Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert and Pandemic. They do not incumber shuffling at all.