Portal of Heroes (Card Game)

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The portals of Molthar have opened! The players travel through the portal into a world of a type that you know only through folklore and fairy tales. By collecting magic pearls and trading them in a timely fashion for fantastic and powerful character cards, you draw ever closer to victory — but only the one who first manages to gather twelve insignias of power will save Molthar and win the game.

At the start of Die Portale von Molthar, four pearl cards and two character cards lie face up in the middle of the table. The rest of the character and pearl cards are set nearby in separate decks. Each player receives their own player portal and places it face up in front of them.

Each turn, you can take three actions from a menu of four options: Take a pearl card into your hand, replace all of the pearl cards in the display, place a character card on your portal, or activate a character. You can perform any of the four possible actions multiple times, and in any order. To activate a character, you must play a specific combination of pearl cards from your hand onto the character card. Activated characters grant you power points, diamonds, or special abilities. Once you have activated characters this way with twelve or more power points, finish the round so that everyone has played the same number of turns. Whoever has the most power points wins.

Product Details

Boards & Dice
27 Mar 2017
Family Games
Game Mechanic
Year Published
# of Players
2 - 5
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 3 players, Recommended with 2 - 5 players
Suggested Ages
10 and up
Playing Time
45 minutes
Game Designer
Johannes Schmidauer-K├Ânig
Game Artist
Dennis Lohausen
User Suggested Ages
Language Dependence
No necessary in-game text
Expansion Sets
  • Brettspiel Adventskalender 2016
  • Portal of Heroes: Diamonds
  • Die Portale von Molthar: Sonderkarten
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Surprisingly fun!

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This is a really fun and light game. The artwork is amazing and the cards are sturdy. The only (slight) problem is that the icons on the cards are not intuitive, so you might often refer to the rules to see what they do. But other than that this is a great filler/starter game for such a small box.