Mayday Games - Premium Mini USA Yellow Sleeves (100 Sleeves)

41mm x 63mm

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Mini USA Game Size Sleeves 41 X 63 MM (100 pack) (Yellow)Mayday GamesBy very popular demand we are releasing a new sleeve! Please note thesewill be the same thickness as most of our sleeves. Release date is scheduled for late August but wewill update this page as it gets closer to release.These are designed for cards of 41 MM X 63MM, or 1 5/8 X 2 1/2 inches. They are 100 per pack.

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Boards & Dice
4 Aug 2017
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Great value

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These sleeves are solid for most boardgame applications. The fact that the decks are thinner actually make them better than heavier sleeves would be for most games.

I used them for the Assets and Artifacts decks in Eldritch Horror, though if I'd discovered them earlier I might have used them for all the small cards.

Mini sleeves MAYDAY Games

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I must admit I was somewhat disappointed when unpacking these sleeves. They feel somewhat flimsy, akin to the cellophane wrapping around cigarette boxes. I will have to use them for a while to see how well they protect my playing cards.

As for Raru's service, I can absolutely recommend them. Fast, efficient and customer care is also on their ball.

I used these to sleeve Arkham Horror 3rd Ed as well as Elder Sign.

Does the job well.

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These sleeves are great. I bought them to fit the Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition board game. Incidentally, you would need 5 packs of these to fully sleeve the game.

These sleeves have a glossy finish. Personally I would have preferred a matte finish, but these serve the purpose nonetheless.

A word of advice, stacking up sleeved cards makes them slippery and very prone to sliding off from the deck, so bear that in mind, and possibly consider some card holders if your card stack is substantially high.