Terraforming Mars: Venus Next Expansion (Board Game)

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Venus... a very deadly world... but it has potential! Up among the corrosive clouds, far away from the scorching hot surface, humans have begun colonizing and terraforming. Your corporation can make a name for itself by building flying cities, reducing the greenhouse effect, and introducing life to this planet, while enabling Venus to help terraform Mars!

Terraforming Mars: Venus Next is the second expansion to Terraforming Mars; this expansion requires the base game. Venus Next may be combined with any other expansion or variant.

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Boards & Dice
2 Jan 2018
Year Published
Game Designer
Jacob Fryxelius
Game Artist
Isaac Fryxelius
Supply Source
South Africa

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This expansion adds new cards to the game which will increase ways in which to gain more production. For instance there are more titanium cards in this expansion which is really helpful for Phobos Corporation. I like the new way in which to gain victory points via the Venus tract. There are also new resources called floaters which are an interesting new way to gain VPs and production etc.