Star Wars: Legion - Jyn Erso Commander Expansion (Miniatures)

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The shadow of the Death Star looms across the galaxy, threatening any planet that doesn’t fall in line with the Empire. Only those brave—and perhaps foolish—enough to stand against the Empire can hope to save the galaxy from this technological terror. Raised by the extremist Saw Gerrera and on her own from a young age, Jyn Erso embodies both of these qualities.

Reckless and aggressive, Erso is nonetheless a brave leader who can contribute to your battle plan in many ways. Unafraid to wade into battle with her collapsible tonfa drawn, her quick thinking often gets her out of tricky situations. In fact, her Rebellious streak often comes in handy, letting her make a quick strike against an enemy unit or dive for cover before she can be targeted.

-description from publisher's website

Product Details

Boards & Dice
1 Apr 2019
Game Mechanic
Year Published
# of Players
Suggested Ages
14 and up
Playing Time
60 - 120 minutes
Game Designer
Alex Davy
Fantasy Flight Games
Supply Source
South Africa