Spoiler Alert (Party Game)

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Can you get your teammate to guess the title without spoiling the story? In Spoiler Alert!, players split into teams and one member of each team takes helm as the "storyteller". The storyteller uses spoiler cards and must get their teammates to guess the title of the movie or TV show correctly. Each card has a title and a list of spoiler words that would give the answer away. The spoiler words have different negative point values, which will be deducted from your score if you use that spoiler word - so be careful what you say! You'll have to be creative to get your teammates to guess as many titles as you can before time runs out. Show off your Hollywood knowledge

Flex your show business knowledge and get your teammates to guess the right TV show or movie without using spoiler words!
With 400 titles to guess, Spoiler Alert! is a great addition to your game night gatherings
Designed to be played by 2 or more teams with players ages 13 and up
Average play time of 20 minutes per game
Contents include 200 cards with 2 show titles per cards to choose from, a 60-second timer, and 24 score penalty tokens

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Boards & Dice
29 Mar 2019
Party Games
# of Players
2 and up
Suggested Ages
13 and up
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