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The Red Dragon Inn - Allies - Ohava vs. Murgath (Card Game)

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One is a senior grand cleric in the service of the Great Divines (the good Gods), and the other is a brash, self-absorbed, ruthless warlord who literally cannot put down his blessed blade. The two clash in the next set to join the infamous party at our beloved tavern.

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies - Ohava vs. Murgath introduces two new characters, each with their own unique mechanics and flavor. The set includes everything you need to add these characters to your game, but you will need to have at least one of the The Red Dragon Inn base sets to use them.

Ohava, the Grand Cleric: Ohava has been the matron of the Great Temple of Greyport for longer than some of our heroes have been alive. Among her duties are healing, miracle work, team-building exercises, and earning the All-Mother's blessings by trying to keep all four of the Great Divines in harmony with one another.

  • The Good: The blessings of the All-Mother are a powerful incentive to Ohava's good works.
  • The Bad: Getting four fickle deities to agree on anything takes a LOT of convincing.

Murgath the Blessed: We all know the story of the adventurer who has the misfortuyne of being stuck with a cursed item. But what about the villain who is stuck with a blessed item? Murgath is a vile, ruthless Blackguard who can't get rid of the holy sword Banefall. Banefall does everything in her power to stay Murgath's hand and interfere with his evil plans. She can’t completely stop him, but she can give her blessings to those unfortunate targets of his wrath.

  • The Bad: Murgath is a fearsome enemy.
  • The Worse: He is this powerful even with Banefall holding him back!

-description from back of the box (with minor corrections)

Product Details

Boards & Dice
14 May 2019
Game Mechanic
Year Published
# of Players
2 - 4
Suggested Ages
13 and up
Playing Time
30 - 60 minutes
Game Designer
  • Jeff Morrow
  • Sam Waller
  • Erin Wong
Game Artist
  • Cold FuZion Studios
  • Drew Morrow
  • Beth Trott
  • Erin Wong
SlugFest Games
Supply Source