Dungeons & Dragons - Essentials Kit (Role Playing Game)

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Everything you need to create characters and play the new adventures in this introduction to the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Dungeons & Dragons is a cooperative storytelling game that harnesses your imagination and invites you to explore a fantastic world of adventure, where heroes battle monsters, find treasures, and overcome quests. The D&D Essentials Kit is a new introductory product meant to bring D&D to audiences interested in jumping into a fantasy story.

This box contains the essentials you need to run a D&D game with one Dungeon Master and one to five adventurers. A newly designed rulebook on-boards players by teaching them how to make characters, and the included adventure, Dragon of Icespire Peak, introduces a new 1-on-1 rules variant.

  • The D&D Essentials Kit is a new introductory box set, complementing the existing Starter Set.
  • Contains everything needed to run your first D&D game with one Dungeon Master and 1-5 players.
  • A newly designed rulebook guides players through character creation, before taking on the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure.

Each Kit includes:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Intro Adventure
  • 1 Poster Map
  • 1 DM Screen
  • 6 Character Sheets
  • 11 Dice
  • 81 cards (Magic Items, sidekicks, etc.)
  • DnD Beyond Codes

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3 Sep 2019
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Dungeons & Dragons
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Perfect for Pros and for Beginners

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I'm actually surprised by how much comes in this pack. The dice set is a beautiful ruby gem red. The map you get is huge. I didn't even know it came with a DM screen, and the cards you get are so beautifully printed, especially the ones with illustrations on them. Going to spend tonight reading the two books.