Cryo (Board Game)

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A mission gone wrong. Tensions continued to mount aboard your colony ship as the days dragged on. An anonymous act of sabotage has sent the ship plummeting to the surface of a frozen uncharted planet. Damaged beyond repair, the scattered remains will do little to protect you from the brutal cold.

In the engine-building, worker placement game Cryo, leaders of separate, hostile factions compete to survive and claim control over the underground caverns on a remote icy planet. You need to act quickly and strategically to avoid further sabotage from other factions. Send drones out from your engineering platform to scavenge resources and save your crew still in cryostasis. Gather different materials to upgrade and customize your platform, fine-tuning new actions to suit your individual strategy. Utilize multi-use cards to your advantage, and claim the underground caverns for your faction to survive.

Though unplanned, a new chapter for humanity has begun. Scavenge, build, explore, and lead your faction to victory within this frozen world before the sun sets!

—description from the publisher

Product Details

Boards & Dice
13 Jul 2021
Science Fiction
Game Mechanic
Year Published
# of Players
2 - 4
Suggested Ages
14 and up
Playing Time
60 - 90 minutes
Game Designer
  • Tom Jolly
  • Luke Laurie
Game Artist
  • Bree Lindsoe
  • Samuel Shimota
Z-Man Games
Supply Source
South Africa

Customer Reviews

Beautiful science fiction strategy game

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

Cryo is a light-to-medium weight strategy game. Although you can learn it in about 10 minutes, the better everyone gets, the more challenging the game will become.
It's a worker placement game with a twist: your "workers" are drones that take one action going out and, if you modify them, another coming back.
Your drones have to collect resources, revive people from cryogenic sleep, and settle the caverns beneath an alien planet before the sun sets for a Long Winter.

Cryo is also a beautiful game on the table, with its look and feel inspired by the work of classic comic artist: