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Dungeons & Dragons - Player's Handbook (Role Playing Game)
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If you only buy one guide to DnD, make it this one

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And if you can buy all of them, buy this one first.
Coming into DnD as a completely new player can be an intimidating prospect, whether as a player or a DM. However, the Player's Handbook is structured in such an approachable manner that it not only informs you, it inspires you. Browsing through, you'll look at the illustrations and daydream characters, backstories, or even whole worlds. It's clearly written, complete with both excellently detailed paragraphs, and clear and concise tables for quick reference.
Put simply, it's a must for anyone interested in the RPG, and invaluable for anyone playing. It's also of beautiful, glossy, high quality, and looks as good on a shelf as on a table.

Great fun, high quality

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Physically, the book is fantastic quality. The hardcover is sturdy, and the pages are very satisfying quality. The artwork featured is great as well, and it's always fun to page through while other players argue with the GM.
I have not played any other D&D besides this 5th Edition, and as a D&D newb I am thoroughly enamoured with the game. It's not the easiest thing to wrangle four to five humans together to play, and to play well you really need to dedicate some time to setting your character up and familiarising yourself with the game (not to mention the work that goes into being a GM...), but when the dice start rolling, this thing can't be beat.

Admittedly you can find this book and every other D&D book "elsewhere," but as a player I would highly encourage getting the PHB at a minimum. At least two or three people need one of these around in a game, especially with newbies, because no matter your laptop or tablet, it's always easier, quicker, and more satisfying to find your references in the book. I generate my characters with the help of online generators almost exclusively, but no matter how helpful those are I always find myself checking things in the book which are just easier to find than attempting to dig up a PDF or find your tool-of-choice's descriptions, plus the anecdotal information in the info blocks on the pages, which won't be in the tool-tips, can prove super helpful. The book facilitates the creativity that makes D&D the engaging, unique experience it should be, and there's no helper-spreadsheet that I've found which manages that.

Amazing for newbies and veterans

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The best of both edition, spoken with many people about this edition and everyone says the same thing, it's the best edition so far. The book itself is amazing, quality artwork, the pages feel thin but of high quality. With the upcoming Volo's guide to Monsters, this is truly becoming a highly cusomisable edition for your adventuring needs.

Excellent Edition

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D&D has taken a turn back towards the older, more role playing focused games of the past and has moved away from the grid-based combat game the previous edition was. The new handbook drives home this focus, with plenty of options to make your character more than just a block of stats and list of attacks.

The rules are clear, the art is beautiful and the content is pitched perfectly to help new players get into the game as well as give veterans plenty of advice on how to add extra depth and dimension to the roles they play. If you want to play D&D all you really need is this book and a set of dice!

Something old, something new, definitely better

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For those new to the hobby, the latest iteration of Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition) is an excellent starting point for getting into the wonderful world of tabletop role-playing games. Something of a "greatest hits" of past versions, the rules are simple to learn and incredibly fun to play. D&D 5e is the culmination of years of community play-testing and feedback. The result being, a streamlined and well paced playing experience.
For those experienced payers who drifted away from the RPG feeling that the game had lost touch with its roots, now's the time to rekindle that old love. With a perfect balance of pathos and intelligent design this truly is the finest edition crafted with love and thought.
The Player's Handbook is all you will need to unlock vast worlds of imagination and fantasy. So grab some friends, roll some dice and set off for adventure!

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