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Catan - Seafarers Expansion (Board Game) (1 user review)

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Catan - Seafarers Expansion (Board Game)
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If you enjoy the Catan base game and are looking for something extra, you cannot go wrong with Seafarers.

Seafarers brings the ocean and ships into the game. The map is enlarged to accommodate the water tiles as well as the extra land tiles included in this expansion's box. It still follows the same rules as the base game with the added shit to substitute roads when over the water. It is the easiest of the Expansion to just jump into and hit the ground running. Very easy to learn and will become so much second nature that all your future Catan games will start with the Seafarers expansion.

If you purchased the 5-6 player extension of the base game and are thinking of buying this Expansion, just know that you would also have to get the 5-6 player extension for Seafarers to enjoy the game at its fullest. Though it is available here on RARU at

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