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Forbidden Island (Board Game)
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Good fin

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Quick to learn, easy to play, but still lots of fun

Challenging co-op

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Quick to teach, once you have taken the time to figure out the rules. Not the game to bring to the table if you have someone in the team with a dominant personality, works great if everyone can work to a common goal. Not every game is going to be won, but you do have a sense of urgency as the water rises. Best played with more players to fulfill more roles, but still great with 2-3 players. It is easy to see why this game has received a Mensa award.

Forbidden Island review - quick set-up, quick to learn, fun as solo and team play

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Forbidden Island features all the primary mechanics that earned Matt Leacock's reputation for creating exhilarating co-operative games. Although its fundamental dynamics are similar to Pandemic and Forbidden Desert, key differences nevertheless distinguish it from the other two and definitely make this game worth buying. Its finest features include its quick setup, easy learning curve, and its extensive replay value.

Although the set up process is quick and easy, the game nevertheless offers great randomisation. In other words, no two islands are ever quite the same. This escalates the game's replay value. You can play it alone, or with four players in a co-operative team. If you are looking for a game that demands collaboration and planning, that is cognitively challenging, as well as tense and fast-paced, Forbidden Island checks all the boxes. As an aside, I love the fact that it is packaged in a beautiful tin box, rather than cardboard.

Great thematic game.

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This game is a lot of fun with 2 to 4 people. The feeling of the island sinking and the sense of urgency is really portrayed well. This is a great co-op game that has a lot of re-playability. There is some great card layout variants out there on This is quick and easy to learn.

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