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Firefly: The Game (Board Game)
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Get a ship, find a crew, do a few jobs, keep flying

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An excellent large format game, with great artwork mostly taken straight out of the series and movie that the boardgame is based on. Oh... Did i mention large, with the 2 additional maps from the addons (kalidasa and blue sun) the map is massive and you start running out of space on the table when you need to create card piles for the contacts (to get missions) and the stores (hiring crew and equipment)

Games can last very long, depending on how it is played and ofcourse if the players dont know what they are doing because they are new to it, but once you get the understanding of what has to happen, and make a game plan on what you need to do to win, this will cause the game to go along at a good pace.

Players who are a fan of the show will recognise most of the crew and contacts found in the game, like Fanty and Mingo, mr universe and yolanda, and ofcourse the crew of the firefly class ship in the show.

All in all, an amazing game

A lot of fun to be had

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I have the game and the all the expansions except "Crime & Punishment". The game is a lot of fun and can be played in a variety of ways (especially with the additions). You can do jobs, bounties, cargo hauling and even piracy! Games can range from very quick (relatively speaking 1 hour) to very long (longest with all the expansions at the time was around 7 hours), depending on mission, luck and if you use the extra map portions. Start small with the base game (perhaps with the extra ships if you want) and learn it before adding the two major expansions. If you have like minded friends you will have a blast! It is especially fun to see someone hang around trying to recruit the original series crew and never doing a job, yet still having a great time:)

True to the series!

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One of my favourite games. It's a lot of fun to explore the 'verse and take on missions. Some of the missions are legitimately scary! Thanks to the detailed design, it feels very much like being in the series.

The only thing is that the rules are quite complex and take a long time to explain to new players. The game also takes a very long time to play out. Set aside about 4 hours!

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