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Star Wars: Legion - Core Set (Miniatures) (1 user review)

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Star Wars: Legion - Core Set (Miniatures)
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Firstly, Star Wars Legion is awesome and the most effective way to start off is to get the core set (or two).
Compared to other miniature game starter sets, you really get your money's worth with this one. If you try to buy all the components included in the set individually, it will cost more than double the core set would (and you can't buy Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader separately).

Note that all the units contained in the core set is not enough for a full 800 point game of SW Legion but this is still a great product to get your collection started. I highly recommend buying two core sets which can bring you to the 800 point mark.

The miniatures are highly detailed and unpainted. There was one minor component missing from both core sets that I purchased (the right handlebar of the AT-RT was missing) but I followed the simple process of requesting the missing components from Asmodee and in less than a week my request was processed and the components were packed and sent by mail.

Also note the core set does not have enough dice. Although you can record your results and reroll the dice provided in the set, this gets frustrating very quickly and you will want to get additional dice through either the dice pack or another core set (as recommended above).

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