Flowers in Watercolour - Wendy Tait (Paperback)

Step by Step Leisure Arts

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1 Jul 2002
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Wendy Tait
Step by Step Leisure Arts
Step by Step Leisure Arts, 26
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260 x 210 x 6mm (209g)


  • Expert step-by-step art teaching from a renowned tutor in painting flowers in watercolour, in a handy pocket guide format, at an affordable price.
  • Offering simplified, inspirational step-by-step guidance, she explores all the techniques required to create beautiful, translucent flowers - from laying initial loose misty background washes to building up colours and adding highlights. She then shows how to paint a honeysuckle spray, wild roses and bluebells using a series of colourful step-by-step photographs. Each demonstration takes you right through the painting process, showing exactly how to lay down washes, overlay colours and how to finish off with texture and detail. Beautifully illustrated with Wendy's paintings, this book will inspire beginners and more experienced artists to paint what they see - and to capture the fresh colours and fascinating shapes of the many different wild flowers that can be found around us.


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Wendy Tait was born in Derby and attended the Joseph Wright School of Art. As her four children grew up she began exhibiting both locally in the Midlands and further afield, always supported by her husband Harry. For many years, Wendy gave demonstrations and taught classes to art clubs and societies. Although she no longer teaches, she remains as busy as ever, enjoying writing and illustrating books and painting in several different media. Wendy has won various awards for her work, and has painted a set of stamps for the Government of Jersey depicting the four seasons.

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Nov 06

Painting flowers in watercolours is one of my favourite topics but it never ceases to amaze me the vast array of techniques there are to produce various results. Wendy Tait's style of painting was one that I was immediately attracted to and I was eager to learn what techniques she used. In several useful sections Wendy clearly explains the structure which she follows to compose such stunning paintings. Explaining the materials needed, colours, composition and sketching no stone is left unturned. My favourite part of the book is the projects that are included. By completing the projects I got a true insight on how to follow certain techniques. I was amazed by the results and I am sure any reader of this book will be. Wendy Tait offers a thought provoking conclusion; read as many books as you can because you can use the recommended techniques in addition to the way you paint. * *