Playing With Surface Design - Courtney Cerruti (Paperback)

Modern Techniques for Painting, Stamping, Printing and More

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A wide-ranging, inspirational instructional showcasing diverse surface design techniques using modern aesthetic. Projects would include more traditional and expected book arts, but really feature useful and unexpected home decor projects.

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15 May 2015
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Courtney Cerruti
Modern Techniques for Paint, Stamping, Printing, and More
Quayside Pub Group
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204 x 254mm (204g)


Teaches the seven techniques of surface design--paste paper, marbling, monoprinting, dyeing and bleaching, stamping, and painting and mark making--and how to use them to create such items as gift boxes, albums, and sketchbook covers.


Create unique and stunning imagery on any exterior with diverse surface design techniques from Courtney Cerutti, author of Playing with Image Transfers and Washi Tape.

Whether you are looking to stamp on fabric, marble paper, etch into wood or clay, or create modern looks with neon and metallic, the projects in this book will provide endless inspiration.

Playing with Surface Design is a practical and modern resource that will teach you the seven techniques of surface design: Paste Paper, Marbling, Monoprinting, Dyeing and Bleaching, Stamping, and Painting and Mark Making. This book highlights methods and contains multiple project per technique so that you can use them across all mediums. You'll learn how to make beautiful items, including gift boxes, albums, sketchbook covers, wall art, accordion books, and much more. Once you've mastered the techniques, you'll also explore multiple surfaces as a base for your designs &; wood, fabric, paper, canvas, and book forms. A beautiful gallery will show the use of surface art in a wide variety of high-end artistic works to get your creative juices flowing.


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Author Bio

Maker extraordinaire, COURTNEY CERRUTI ( teaches at the San Francisco Center for the Book, and online at She studied painting at UC Santa Cruz and the University of Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France where she had her first exhibition and hosted many book making parties. In addition to teaching, Courtney is a freelance artist and avid instagrammer and pinner (on pineterest). In a previous life she did windows and display at Anthropologie as well as teaching and working at Paper Source. She makes something everyday and works mostly doing windows, wedding installations and set design. She is the author of Washi Tape and Playing with Image Transfers.