Joseph Severn, a Life - Sue Brown (Hardcover)

The Rewards of Friendship

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A new biography of Joseph Severn, Keats's best-known but most controversial friend, who is buried next to him in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. Severn accompanied the dying poet to Italy and was virtually the only witness of his last days. Brown reassesses Severn's character and the nature of his friendship with Keats.

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8 Oct 2009
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Sue Brown
The Rewards of Friendship
Oxford University Press
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This biography of Joseph Severn (1793-1879), the best known but most controversial of Keats's friends, is based on a mass of newly discovered information, much of it still in private hands. Severn accompanied the dying Keats to Italy, nursed him in Rome and reported on his last weeks there in a famous series of moving letters. After Keats's death in relative obscurity, Severn pressed hard for an early biography and a more fitting memorial in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome.

In the nineteenth century Severn's friendship with Keats was seen as a model of devoted masculine companionship and he was reburied by popular acclaim next to Keats in 1882. In the twentieth century, by contrast, he was denigrated as an unreliable, self-promoting witness. Sue Brown's book fills a major gap in studies of Keats and his circle. It reassesses Severn's character, friendship with Keats, and influence on the posthumous development of the poet's fame and provides new information on Keats's death.

The significance of Severn's artistic career has previously been downplayed. This book offers the first full assessment of his work and of his turbulent spell as British Consul in Rome from 1860 to 1871. Keats was not Severn's only famous friend. For most of his adult life Severn was at the heart of the large, lively British community in Rome welcoming amongst others Gladstone, who became his most important patron, Ruskin, Walter Scott, Wordsworth, Turner, Samuel Palmer, David Wilkie, and many more. He maintained long friendships with Leigh Hunt, Mary Shelley, Charles Eastlake, Richard Monckton Milnes, amongst others, and enjoyed a rich family life.


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Author Bio

Sue Brown is an independent scholar based in London and Malta. She read history at Oxford and Toronto Universities. For over thirty years she was a career civil servant, including spells with the British Embassy in Washington and as Head of the Arts Division at the Department of National Heritage. She has published a number of articles on Gladstone and on Severn and co-edited with Grant Scott New Letters of Charles Brown to Joseph Severn (2007). Her latest
book is Small Island, Great Riches The Life of Paul Asciak, Tenor and Teacher from Malta (Allied Publications, 2010).