Napoleon Hill's Keys to Personal Achievement - Napoleon Hill (Paperback)

An Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

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16 Feb 2016
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Napoleon Hill
Judith Williamson
Judith Williamson (Contributor)
Judith Williamson (Commentator)
An Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation
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Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Personal Achievement
From the Author of Think and Grow Rich
An Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation

With Contemporary Commentary by Judith Williamson, 
Director, Napoleon Hill World Learning Center
Think of it! Think of the people who drift aimlessly through life, dissatisfied, struggling against a great many things, but without a clear-cut goal.

Can you state, right now, what it is that you want out of life? Fixing your goals may not be easy. It may even involve some painful self-examination.
But it will be worth whatever effort it costs, because as soon as you can name your goal, you can expect to enjoy many advantages. With contemporary commentary by Judith Williamson, the director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center, Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Personal Achievement will provide you with:
  • Alert imagination
  • Contagious enthusiasm
  • Greater initiative
  • Increased self-reliance
  • A new world-view
  • A larger vision
  • Decreased problems
  • Magnetic personality
  • Higher hopes and ambitions
Try it and see. Think of change as growth. You are the one who holds the key to your success. Nothing holds you back except yourself. Get out of your own way, and move forward.
You Can Do It If You Believe You Can!


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Author Bio

Napoleon Hill was born in 1883 in a one-room cabin on the Pound River in Wise County, Virginia. He began his writing career at age 13 as a "mountain reporter" for small town newspapers and went on to become America's most beloved motivational author. Hill passed away in November 1970 after a long and successful career writing, teaching, and lecturing about the principles of success. Dr. Hill's work stands as a monument to individual achievement and is the cornerstone of modern motivation. His book, Think and Grow Rich, is the all-time bestseller in the field. Hill established the Foundation as a nonprofit educational institution whose mission is to perpetuate his philosophy of leadership, self-motivation, and individual achievement. His books, audio cassettes, videotapes, and other motivational products are made available to you as a service of the Foundation so that you may build your own library of personal achievement materials... and help you acquire financial wealth and the true riches of life.