Armed and Dangerous From Undercover Struggle to Freedom - Ronnie Kasrils (Paperback)

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6 May 2016
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South Africa


Ronnie Kasrils
Paperback / softback
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Now in its fourth edition, Armed and Dangerous is the first-hand account of Kasrils&;s years in both the liberation struggle and in government. Kasrils gives an insider&;s account of the workings of Umkhonto weSizwe, the armed wing of the ANC. Nicknamed &;The Red Pimpernel&; by the South African press and public for slipping in and out of South Africa in disguise to run secret missions, Kasrils narrowly escaped arrest in several close shaves with security forces. Following the arrests of Mandela and other ANC leaders, he fled into hiding overseas, became one of the key commanders of Umkhonto weSizwe and set up training camps in Tanzania, Cuba and elsewhere. Armed and Dangerous is dedicated to the Born Frees, the generation born after the attainment of a democratic South Africa in 1994, to help them understand the struggle and carry on where we left off to make South Africa a better place for all who live in it.


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Politics/Intl Relations
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Political Science / Political Process / Political Parties
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History / Africa / South / Republic of South Africa
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Author Bio

Ronnie Kasrils started off as a script writer for a Johannesburg film studio and then for Lever Brothers, as television and film director for their advertising division in Durban, until 1962. In 1960 he was prompted by the Sharpeville massacre to join the ANC, where he served as the secretary of the ANC-aligned Congress of Democrats in Natal until it was banned in 1962. He became a member of Umkhonto weSizwe as its inception in 1961 and participated in many sabotage operations, some of which were with Eleanor, whom he later married. Pursued by the police, the couple fled into exile in 1963 after her darling escaped from detention. Exiled for 27 years, he was based in London, Luanda, Maputo, Swaziland, Botswana and Lusaka. He worked underground for the ANC in South Africa during Operation Vula. After the first democratic elections in South Africa, Kasrils was appointed Deputy Minister of Defence from 1994 to 1999. He then became Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry from 1999 to 2004 and was appointed Minister of Intelligence Services until he submitted his resignation on 23 September 2008 following former President Thabo Mbeki's resignation in the same month. Ronnie Kasril's extraordinary wife, Eleanor, died at the age of 73.