Ready to Paint In 30 Minutes: Landscapes In Watercolour - Dave Woolass (Paperback)

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An ideal beginner's guide to painting watercolour landscapes for artists who are short on time.

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6 Mar 2018
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Dave Woolass
David Woolass
Landscapes in Watercolour; Tracings Included; 30 Step-by-step Projects
Search Pr Ltd
Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes
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279 x 216mm (280g)


  • Learn to paint watercolor landscapes in 30 half-hour lessons with master artist Dave Woolass. Tracings are provided to transfer to the paper or canvass. No drawing necessary!

    This complete beginner's guide to painting watercolor landscapes is ideal if you want to learn to paint but are short on time. Broken down into 30 quick and easy paintings that take no more than 30 minutes to complete, this basic course will teach you all the skills you need to paint landscapes and their components, including trees in winter, sparkling water, hedgerows and gates, animals, human figures and buildings in the landscape.

    The 30-minute paintings are all worked at postcard size - ideal for a 6 x 4in watercolor pad, and tracings are included for those with limited drawing skills. Each small painting is a work of art in its own right, and can be stored in your portfolio for reference later, or framed and hung on the wall to impress your friends. The book also includes 3 larger paintings that demonstrate how you can combine the elements you have learned into vibrant, atmospheric landscapes.

    The book is broken down into chapters that focus, respectively, on washes, color mixing, building up the landscape and dropping in the details, while the final section of the book contains 3 complete paintings that demonstrate how to combine all the techniques and elements of painting landscapes learned, also accompanied by actual-size tracings.


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Author Bio

Dave Woolass is one of the UK's leading artists with a strong art background spanning more than forty years. Born and raised in Yorkshire, UK, he began his working life as a trainee manager within the retail industry. Painting and drawing were always his first loves, however, and it was inevitable that Dave should turn to making a living from his artwork.

For many years Dave has delivered private art classes to small groups of students, and has delivered workshops and seminars nationwide for various art societies and galleries. He has frequently been commissioned by companies to demonstrate art materials at art events as well as on live television.

Dave's artwork features in many collections across the globe including UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and the Middle East, and he has also appeared on the popular UK TV programme, `A Brush with Fame'.

In 2001 the Fine Art Trade Guild of Great Britain elected Dave to the Court of the Guild in 2001. He was elected as The Masters Warden in 2003 and was ultimately elected `Master of the Fine Art Trade Guild' in 2004.

Review Quotes

May 2018

Landscapes in Watercolour by Dave Woolas is a new addition to the popular Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes series from Search Press, which is ideal for anyone keen to get started but short on time . Davied introduces 33 quick and easy paintings all postcard sized to make them easier to paint within 30 minutes. As well as any step-by-step demonstrations tracings are provided for anyone who struggles with drawing and simple wishes to get straight on with colour adding. * The Leisure Painter * For a general appreciation, please look at the series tag above. I like the new iteration of the old Ready to Paint series a lot and these latest volumes diminish that not a jot.

Dave Woollass is a new author and one I hope we'll see more of. He has a pleasantly loose style that's readily achievable and explains his working methods well. He's also comfortable with the variety of subject matter that the series demands and this would be a book worth seeking out even if the series in general isn't your regular cup of tea. * *