Bantu Holomisa: The Gamechanger - Eric Naki (Paperback)

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This autobiography looks at Bantu Holomisa and his journey into politics. As a son of a chief nothing less was expected of him than to go to school and get a university education. However he thought taking a gap year and starting a job in the post office would be great experience and make some money before going to university.

The book takes us through some life defining moments which lead to him joining the Defense Force, climbing up the ranks to being a respected Commander of the TDF. Alongside that we learn about the man who is generous and is known for helping his family, finding the love of his life and the family politics of being born to a royal family. Holomisa was a man who led with integrity and that is what carries him to being the Transkei leader. He has always had his own ways and not particularly leaning towards a political party or politics and that is what also leads to him being expelled from the ANC.

His expulsion stems from him wanting to always speak the truth and not letting others influence him otherwise. Due to numerous structures wanting him to still speak on their behalf he goes on to form the United Democratic Movement (UDM), which successfully gets elected into parliament a mere three years after his expulsion. He continues to be a thorn on the ANC’s side as an opposition in parliament.

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2 Nov 2017
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Erik Naki
Eric Naki
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Bantu Holomisa is one of South Africa's most respected and popular political figures. Born in the Transkei in 1955, he attended an elite school for the sons of chiefs and headmen. While other men his age were joining Umkhonto weSizwe, Holomisa enrolled in the Transkeian Defence Force and rose rapidly through the ranks. As head of the Transkeian Defence Force, Holomisa led successive coups against the homeland regimes and then became the head of its military government. He turned the Transkei into a `liberated space', giving shelter to ANC and PAC activists, and declared his intention of holding a referendum on the reincorporation of the Transkei into South Africa. These actions brought him immense popularity and the military dictator became a liberation hero for many South Africans. When the unbanned ANC held its first election for its national executive in 1994, Holomisa, who had by now joined the party, received the most votes, beating long-time veterans and party stalwarts. He and Mandela developed a close relationship, and Holomisa served in Mandela's cabinet as deputy minister for environmental affairs and tourism. As this biography reveals, the relationship with both Mandela and the ANC broke down after Holomisa testified before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, among other issues, that Stella Sigcau and her cabinet colleagues had accepted a bribe from Sol Kerzner. After being expelled from the ANC, Holomisa formed his own party, the United Democratic Movement, with Roelf Meyer. As leader of the UDM, Holomisa has played a prominent role in building coalitions among opposition parties and in leading important challenges to the dominant party. This biography, written in collaboration with Holomisa, presents an engaging and revealing account of a man who has made his mark as a game changer in South African politics.


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Author Bio

Eric Naki was born in Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape to a domestic worker mother, Nontanase Naki, and a mining migrant father, Wilton Woko, on 4 April 1963. He grew up on farms in East London, matriculated at Mzomhle High in Mdantsane and studied Communication Science through UNISA. Naki is a journalist by profession, with more than 30 years' experience in both broadcast and print media. Presently he works as a senior political reporter for The Citizen newspaper in Johannesburg. This is his first book.