Floored - Sara Barnard (Paperback)

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Every day told seven ways: a unique collaborative novel by seven of the most exciting talents in YA

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10 Jul 2018
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Sara Barnard
Holly Bourne
Tanya Byrne
Non Pratt
Melinda Salisbury
Lisa Williamson
Eleanor Wood
Pan Macmillan Childrens
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197 x 130 x 24mm (292g)


Every day told seven ways: a unique collaborative novel by seven of the most exciting talents in YA.


The Breakfast Club meets One Day in Floored, a unique collaborative novel by seven bestselling and award-winning YA authors: Sara Barnard, Holly Bourne, Tanya Byrne, Non Pratt, Melinda Salisbury, Lisa Williamson and Eleanor Wood.

When they got in the lift that morning, they were strangers. Sasha, who is at the UK's biggest TV centre desperately trying to deliver a parcel; Hugo, who knows he's by far the richest - and best-looking - guy in the lift; Velvet, who regrets wearing the world's least comfortable shoes to work experience; Dawson, who isn't the good-looking teen star he was and desperate not to be recognized; Kaitlyn, who's slowly losing her sight but won't admit it, and Joe, who shouldn't be there at all, but who wants to be there the most.

And one more person, who will bring them together again on the same day every year . . .

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Author Bio

Sara Barnard is the author of Beautiful Broken Things, A Quiet Kind of Thunder and Goodbye, Perfect.

Holly Bourne is the author of Soulmates, The Manifesto on How to Be Interesting, The Spinster Club series and It Only Happens in the Movies.

Tanya Byrne is the author of Heart-Shaped Bruise, Follow Me Down and For Holly.

Non Pratt is the author of Trouble, Remix, Unboxed and Truth Or Dare.

Melinda Salisbury is the author of The Sin Eater's Daughter, The Sleeping Prince and The Scarecrow Queen.

Lisa Williamson is the author of The Art of Being Normal and All About Mia.

Eleanor Wood is the author of My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend and Becoming Betty.

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Immensely fun * The Times *