12 Rules For Life - Jordan B. Peterson (Hardcover)

An Antidote to Chaos

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16 Jan 2018
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Jordan B. Peterson
An Antidote to Chaos
Penguin Books Ltd
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The #1 Sunday Times and International Bestseller from 'the most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now' (New York Times)

'Everyone must read 12 Rules For Life... The most enlightening book I have read in ages' Chris Evans

Acclaimed psychologist Jordan Peterson has become one of the most influential public thinkers to emerge on the world stage for many years, with his lectures on topics from the Bible to romantic relationships to mythology drawing an unprecedented following of tens of millions of viewers. In an era of unprecedented change and polarizing politics, his frank and refreshing message about the value of individual responsibility has resonated powerfully around the world.

In this #1 international bestseller, he provides twelve profound and practical principles for how to live a meaningful life, from setting your house in order before criticising others to comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, not someone else today. Drawing on vivid examples from Peterson's clinical practice and personal life, cutting edge psychology and philosophy, and lessons from humanity's oldest myths and stories, 12 Rules for Life offers a deeply rewarding antidote to the chaos in our lives: eternal truths applied to our modern problems.


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Author Bio

Jordan B. Peterson is a Professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Raised in the frigid wastelands of Northern Alberta, he has flown a hammer-head roll in a carbon-fiber stunt-plane, and built a Kwagu'l ceremonial bighouse on the upper floor of his Toronto home after being invited into and named by that Canadian First Nation. He's taught mythology to lawyers, doctors and business people, consulted for the UN Secretary General, helped his clinical clients manage depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety, and lectured extensively in North America and Europe. With his students and colleagues, Dr. Peterson has published over a hundred scientific papers, and his book Maps of Meaning revolutionized the psychology of religion. Formerly a professor at Harvard University, he was nominated for its prestigious Levenson Teaching Prize.

Customer Reviews

Can't recommend this book enough

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I've been a massive fan of Dr Peterson for some time now and this book summarises hundreds of hours of his best advice and wisdom from his videos and even his Maps of Meaning book which is a monster to read.
This book should be compulsory for every young adult. Absolutely brilliant.