Iron in the Scepter - Randy Dokens (Paperback)

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9 Jun 2020
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Randy C. Dockens
Randy Dokens
Carpenters Son Pub
Number of Pages
216 x 140mm


A commodities analyst helps implement a prophecy against the King and prepares for a coming Overtaker who will, supposedly, bring her and others total freedom.

Submitting to authority sometimes seems just too difficult no matter the consequences. That's how Janet feels. As a commodities analyst, she has ideas for expanding teleporter efficiency that, to her, are logical and make sense, but are rejected by the King. Janet is determined to not let anyone derail her plans. She develops such animosity for the King as she cannot seem to get on the same page with him or his supporters. A co-worker puts her on the path to a prophecy that supposedly states the King will one day be deposed by a coming Overtaker who will bring true freedom to everyone. She puts her whole efforts, and those of her family, into the fulfillment of this prophecy. She marries a man who is not necessarily against the King, but not necessarily for him either, and finds him supportive of her efforts. She sees having children as a means to a greater end. Will she allow her animosity for the King to also put them in harms way in order to fulfill her desire to see the King deposed? Will her efforts, even though detrimental to her own family, make a path to fulfill this prophecy for the freedom she desperately desires, and, through her coercive efforts, propel her into a leadership position with this coming Overtaker?


General Subject
BISAC Subject 1
Fiction / Christian / Futuristic
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Author Bio

Dockens, Randy C.: - Randy Dockens has a doctorate in both pharmacokinetics (how drugs work in the body) and in Biblical prophecy. He wants people to understand that science and faith can exist together, and, in fact, go hand in hand. He believes our future will be a positive one and be scientifically advanced where technology itself will become a way one can offer up worship. He likes for his books to be both fun to read and have a strong scientific bent. He lives with his family outside Philadelphia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.