Disney-pixar the Incredibles 2 - Crisis in Mid-life! & Other Stories - Disney (Paperback)

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5 Mar 2019
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Christos Gage
Landry Q. Walker
J. Bone (Illustrator)
Andrea Greppi (Illustrator)
Dark Horse Comics
Disney·pixar the Incredibles 2
Number of Pages
229 x 152mm


Bob starts training Dash and Violet, but his training is too hard; a story from Bob's past includes his first date with Helen; and Jack-Jack uses his powers on a trip to the park and when he loses his cookie.


In four original tales, the family of Supers face challenges of life and villainy--growing up, older, and into their special powers, as they fight together against the bad guys who make heroes like Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack, necessary.

When Mr. Incredible struggles to save the day after a villainous attack--and the dastardly Bomb Voyage escapes unscathed--he begins to question his powers. But when he discovers that he's just getting a little older, Bob is inspired to look to the next generation of Supers, Dash and Violet, and begins training with them so that they can become the most incredible ever! Helen has reservations about the training, and when she sees Bob getting a little carried away after Dash and Violet make a couple of rookie mistakes, her fears are realized: intense training with their dad is souring Dash and Violet on the idea of becoming better Supers. But the family must reunite . . . because Bomb Voyage is still at large!

In another story, Bob tells the kids a bedtime story that has Violet and Dash calling foul: this battle from his glory days seems too amazing to be true. They want to hear the real story--but they never imagined it would begin with their mom and dad's super-secret first date!

Then, in two adventures all his own, baby Jack-Jack uses his powers to make friends with an army of ants, and then take on a worthy opponent at the local park!

The adventures of the Parr family--AKA, The Incredibles--continue in this super comics collection, written by Christos Gage (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Amazing Spider-Man), and Landry Q. Walker (Batman: The Brave and the Bold), and illustrated by Gurihiru (Avatar: The Last Airbender), J.Bone (The Rocketeer), and Andrea Greppi and Roberta Zanotta (DuckTales)!

Juvenile Fiction