Bored and Brilliant - Manoush Zomorodi (Paperback)

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7 Sep 2017
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Manoush Zomorodi
How Time Spent Doing Nothing Changes Everything
Pan Macmillan
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234 x 153 x 15mm (290g)


Being bored is bad, right? We'll certainly do anything to avoid it and with smartphones we need never be bored again, as we reply to our emails 24 hours a day, tweet as we watch TV, watch TV as we commute, check Facebook as we walk and Instagram while we eat.

Stimulation is good.

But what if it's not? What if what happens when our mind "wanders" is an essential part of how our brains work and crucial to our concentration and ability to think creatively?
What if your relationship with distraction is stopping you from living your fullest life?
When award-winning journalist Manoush Zomorodi posed these question to her listeners on her hugely popular New York public radio Podcast, the answer, from neuroscientists, psychologists and experts was a resounding yes. So over the course of a week, she led her listeners through a week of exercises designed to help them reassess their technology habits, unplug for part of each week and jumpstart their creativity. The response was astonishing.

Now, in Bored and Brilliant, she will show you why the key to changing everything may be making time to do nothing by taking you through a series of challenges that will help you rethink and recalibrate your relationship with technology in small but important ways.

This book is both a fascinating account of our new relationship with boredom and a practical guide to inviting a little more of it into your life and reawakening your creativity and productivity.


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Author Bio

Manoush Zomorodi is the host and managing editor of Note to Self, "the tech show about being human," from WNYC Studios. Every week on her podcast, Manoush searches for answers to life's digital quandaries through experiments and conversations with listeners and experts. She has won numerous awards for her work including four from the New York Press Club. In 2014, the Alliance for Women in Media named her Outstanding Host. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.