Wtf Capturing Zuma - Zapiro (Paperback)

A Cartoonists Tale

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1 Jul 2018
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Zapiro Zapiro
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Only Zapiro can truly capture the craziness and the seriousness of state capture and the Zuma years. The Poephol Shall Govern is the award-winning and best-selling cartoonist's definitive, unique and superbly funny record of this rollercoaster time in our history in words and more than 375 brilliant cartoons. Zapiro's career has been tightly entwined with the bewildering tale of Jacob Zuma for more than 20 years. He has sharply charted his rise and his fall and everything in between, including the corrupting presence of the Guptas and the destructive cancer of state capture. On three different occasions Jacob Zuma served Zapiro with unfulfilled lawsuits totalling R15 million, claiming his dignity had been infringed, and many times the cartoonist has been threatened in other ways by senior ANC figures because of his caustic and brilliant work. Zapiro first drew a showerhead on Zuma in 2006 as a comment on his preposterous evidence during his rape trial that he took a shower after sex to reduce the chance of getting AIDS. That showerhead image stuck in the public imagination, and in Zapiro's cartoons, and has become a nationally known symbol of the former president. The Poephol Shall Govern is sure to be another triumph for our best-loved cartoonist.


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Author Bio

Zapiro is Jonathan Shapiro. Born in 1958, he went through architecture at UCT, conscription, activism, detention and a Fulbright scholarship to New York before establishing himself as South Africa's best-known cartoonist. He works as the editorial cartoonist for Daily Maverick. Previously, he was editorial cartoonist for The Sunday Times (1998-2018), Mail & Guardian (1994-2016), The Times (2009-2016), Sowetan (1994-2005), Cape Argus (1996-1997), and Cape Times, The Star, The Mercury and Pretoria News (2005-2008). He has published 22 best-selling annuals as well as The Mandela Files, VuvuzelaNation (a collection of his sporting cartoons) and DemoCrazy (a collection of his cartoons spanning the 20 years of SA's democracy).