A Season on the Wind - Kenn Kaufman (Hardcover)

Inside the World of Spring Migration

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2 Apr 2019
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Kenn Kaufman
Inside the World of Spring Migration
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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210 x 140 x 24mm (211g)


A celebration of the science and magic of spring bird migration through northern Ohio includes discussion of the impact of climate change and wind farms on migrating birds.


A close look at one season in one key site that reveals the amazing science and magic of spring bird migration, and the perils of human encroachment.


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KENN KAUFMAN, originator of the Kaufman Field Guide series, is one of the world's foremost naturalists.

Review Quotes

"Kenn Kaufman knows his birds and their miraculous journeys--and he feels them deeply, too. An enlightening, thought-provoking, and poignant read." --Jennifer Ackerman, author of The Genius of Birds "In A Season on the Wind, Kenn Kaufman soars above his Ohio home place and artfully shares the world of birds and the miraculous feats of migration that persist amidst constant conservation struggles and hard-won successes. It's a wondrous compendium of stories about birds and humans that compels us to be more in nature and work ever harder to protect it. The message within to love and conserve is as clear as a Swainson's thrush's flight call in a spring night sky. What A Season on the Wind does is so much more than inform, it inspires." --J. Drew Lanham, author of The Home Place

"Some people love birds, but others have a passionate commitment to birding. Kenn Kaufman has that kind of dedication, which includes a fascination for bird watching, but also he's a genuine part of the birding community dedicated to protecting these beautiful creatures." --Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist

"Seamlessly weaving together natural history with personal narrative, Kaufman reveals how an appreciation of birds not only helps build community and conserve land, but also can make life a great deal richer for each of us. The more he uncovers the fascinating lives and migratory feats of birds, the more wonder and magic he lays bare; by the end, his sense of awe has become our own. A Season on the Wind will transform the way we see birds and the season of spring!" --Melissa Groo, wildlife photographer and conservationist