The Adopted Teen - Barbara Neiman (Paperback)

Develop Confidence, Strength, and Resilience on the Path to Adulthood

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1 Mar 2019
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Neiman, Barbara
Barbara Neiman
Develop Confidence, Strength, and Resilience on the Path to Adulthood
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  • Many adopted teens eventually question why they were given up, and may grapple with feelings of isolation, abandonment, and broken trust. This workbook is designed to help these teens open the door to questioning about their birth family, explore painful feelings, and develop skills that will provide the strength, resilience, and confidence they need to thrive on the road to adulthood.

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Juvenile Grades 7-9 Ages 12-14
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Adoption & fostering
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Personal & social issues: family issues (Children's / Teenage)
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Adopted children - Juvenile literature - Psychology
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Self-actualization Psychology in adolescence - Juvenile literature
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Adolescent psychology - Juvenile literature
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Author Bio

Barbara Neiman is a pediatric occupational therapist of thirty-five years, a yoga teacher, a body mind centering
practitioner, a national speaker on trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness strategies for professionals and adoption.
Barbara is the author of Mindfulness and Yoga Skills for Children and Adolescents and the card deck My Calm
Place: Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Strategies for Children. She is an adoptive parent who accompanied her
young adult on a birth search journey.

Review Quotes

"Barbara Neiman has created a wonderful, easy-to-understand resource for the entire family, with a focus on adoption. The personalized, real-life case studies are an added gift that help teens relate to the subject and guide them through the exercises."
--Carolyn Bosa, adoptive parent--Carolyn Bosa "Kudos to Barbara Neiman for meeting an extraordinary but often neglected need--how to support adoptive children in their process of claiming identity. This process, especially for preteens and teens, involves feeling whole while negotiating diverse environments--biological and cultural--and doing all of this 'within their own skin.' Building on the outcomes of research from researchers like Beatrice Beebe and Suzi Tortora who understand the importance of movement and the body in feeling connected, trusting, and content, The Adoptive Teen Workbook provides practical steps and wise advice. The workbook activities stem from real life--the depths of experience--as a mother and as a professional. This is a book I will recommend wholeheartedly to families, somatic educators, and mental health workers."
--Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT, EdD, author of Mindful Movement, and founding director of Dynamic Embodiment--Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT, EdD "The exercises in this workbook, both written and physical, can benefit and empower all of us--not just adopted teens. The case examples that Barbara Neiman presents shine light on a once secretive topic, and the scenarios provide language and context for discussion, thought, and self-realization. I was adopted in 1957, in an era when the topic was unspeakable. As a young person I would have more than welcomed the support and guidance that this workbook affords."
--Lauree Feldman, artist--Lauree Feldman "This workbook is a comprehensive and compassionate guide, written by a woman who is both an adoptive mother and a skilled teacher of meditation, yoga, and wellness. Barbara Neiman covers a range of issues-- from ethnic and racial family differences to feelings of vulnerability, abandonment, hurt, and shame--with sensitivity, real-life stories of those she's served, and easy-to-follow tips and practices. Use of these practices will enable any reader to handle the myriad challenges that might arise for an adopted or foster teen. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!"
--Sharon Rosen, LMT, CWC, is a self-care coach, meditation teacher, and author of Crazy World, Peaceful Heart--Sharon Rosen, LMT, CWC "This workbook is a valuable contribution to the adoption literature. Barbara has provided teens, young adults, and their family members a treasure trove of creative and practical activities to help guide them through the myriad of feelings and experiences related to their adoption journey. Therapists will find this a welcome resource in their work with adoptees and their families."
--Ricki Bernstein, adoptive parent and psychotherapist--Ricki Bernstein "Barbara Neiman's workbook provides a practical, empowering tool for fostered and adopted teens that acknowledges their trauma and provides resourceful tools to assist them in their physical and emotional self-care and self-actualization. A resource which would be valuable to all fostered and adopted teens."
--Judith Craig, BSW, transracial adoptee, and subject of the documentary Adopted ID--Judith Craig, BSW "I am happy to share that I reviewed The Adopted Teen Workbook by Barbara Neiman. Having worked as a psychologist with adopted teens for the past twenty years, the book offers some very useful resources that can be used to further explore issues that adoptees experience. I think the workbook would be most useful as a supplemental resource for therapists so that teens can continue to explore along with the support of their therapists."
--Amanda L. Baden, PhD, professor and licensed psychologist in New York City, NY--Amanda L. Baden, PhD "Adolescence is a joyous yet often challenging time for families as teens work through issues involved in identity formation. This is particularly true for adopted teens, who not only must determine who they are and where they came from but must face the issue of abandonment by their birth parents. Resources for adoptive families in this area have been lacking, but this void has been filled. In The Adopted Teen Workbook, Barbara Neiman offers a practical road map that will greatly assist adoptees and their parents in jointly navigating a safe passage to adulthood."
--Dana E. Johnson, MD, PhD, professor in the department of pediatrics, Adoption Medicine Clinic, University of Minnesota--Dana E. Johnson, MD, PhD "Barbara Neiman's The Adopted Teen Workbook is a remarkable intervention in the challenges facing adopted youth and teens in foster or kinship care. Drawing on years of experience in the discipline of mindfulness, Neiman's workbook provides a series of carefully devised exercises that engage body and mind, opening a space for meditation and reflection on the realities of loss and abandonment. This workbook has the potential to be a powerful tool not only for the adopted, but for those whose lives have been transformed by adoptive kinship."
--Barbara Yngvesson, professor emerita of anthropology at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, and author of Belonging in an Adopted World--Barbara Yngvesson "What a wonderful resource for adopted teens and families! Neiman deftly captures the central themes of identity and loss, putting words to feelings that often go unspoken. Her workbook includes mindfulness and self-care, so needed in today's technology-saturated world. I love how she interweaves mindfulness and managing stress with difficult feelings and their adoption narrative. I'll be recommending this to all of the adoptive families I know and work with!"
--Katie Naftzger, LICSW, author of Parenting in the Eye of the Storm--Katie Naftzger, LICSW