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Younger For Longer - Dr Duncan Carmichael (Paperback)

How You Can Slow the Ageing Process and Stay Healthy for Life

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Younger for Longer shares the author's detailed knowledge of hormones, toxins, nutrition, stress and other factors to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date and medically rigorous description of health, ageing and the human body. He reveals practical steps to slow the ageing process - in short, how to stay younger for longer.

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6 Dec 2018
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Dr Duncan Carmichael
Duncan Carmichael
Paperback / softback
Little, Brown Book Group
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The goal of this book is to show readers how to live a healthy life free from the debilitations of aging, helping them to stay mentally alert and physically active, and making sure they get the most out of all of their years.

That means aiming for optimal health. However, focusing on one factor alone will not get them there. Our sleep, our mood, what we eat, our detoxification system and our hormones are just some of the factors that interact in amazing ways to make us who we are; they are also at the very heart of the aging process.

This book shows how these different strands combine in ways that can be positive or negative - and explains why this interaction depends far more on the lifestyle we choose than on the genes we inherit. In that way it gives the reader a unique and comprehensive understanding of their body and tells them how, with this knowledge, they can maximize their health.

The topics range from nutrition, toxins, men's health and women's health to understanding why our skin, brain and liver age - and how to undo the damage and stave off aging. But the book's main focus underlying all of this is hormones: the chemicals that tell different parts of our body what to do. Our hormone levels vary throughout our life, but if they are supported correctly they can keep us youthful and vital into our final years.

Finding health, then, is not about seven ways to detox or the five best vitamins. The body is far more complex than that and, in an approach aimed specifically at the layperson, Younger for Longer traces the exciting path of how the body works to help the reader create the best person they can be for the rest of their life.


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Author Bio

Dr Duncan Carmichael is a medical doctor with 25 years of experience in the profession. He is a regular speaker and lecturer at conferences on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine in his home country and abroad, and has written numerous articles on healthy aging.

He qualified in South Africa then trained further in Europe where he studied nutrition, hormone balancing and aesthetic medicine.

Frustrated with the medical world's focus on treating illness rather than on promoting health, his passion has long been health medicine. He founded and runs the Institute of Healthy Aging in Cape Town, South Africa and another in Dorset in the United Kingdom.

Younger for Longer is a culmination of his 25-year quest, and is Dr Carmichael's first book. His wide range of training combined with his clinical expertise makes him uniquely placed to write this book and share what he has learned about longevity and health.

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