Message Received - Mary Donohue (Hardcover)

How to Break Down Communication Barriers at Work

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18 Sep 2020
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Mary Donohue
How to Break Down Communication Barriers at Work


"From a TEDX speaker with nearly half a million views and renowned digital psychologist, an action plan for driving creativity and innovation among generationally diverse staff in today's technology-heavy workplace Each generation in the workforce today-Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials, and GenZ-responds differently to different styles of leadership and communication. Message Received provides an actionable plan that readers can use to optimize communication within departments and among teams. Author MaryDonohue delivers a 7-step solution for motivating and inspiring people who respond to communication approaches differently, especially when it comes to technology: Step 1: Understand how the human brain responds to communication through technology Step 2: Identify how you listen Step 3: Diagnose team engagement issues Step 4: Customize conversation Step 5: Analyze your team's Digital EQ Step 6: Interpret generational triggers Step 7: Mastery: Realizing your power as a communicator Instead of feeling unheard, frustrated, and held back because of different communication preferences, Message Receivedprovides the tools you need to increase staff engagement and productivity. Through case studies, evolutionary communication science, evidence-backed research, and more, readers will walk away with the tools they need to be their most influential-self"--


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The action plan you need to ensure everyone’s understood—digitally and across generations

According to social scientist and award-winning CEO Dr. Mary Donohue, we communicate ineffectively at work a staggering 80% of the time! From the tone of an email to the almost-but-not-quite eye contact of a video conference app, today’s tech has increased the speed and scope of our communications—as well as the opportunities to misunderstand each other completely. This lack of effective communication is a leading cause of workplace stress.

In this widely anticipated and deeply researched book, Dr. Donohue, a victim of workplace stress herself, lays out a seven-step solution to give you the tools you need to make communication a cure for workplace stress, not a cause—even (especially) when you’re working with a generationally diverse team. Discover what’s at the root of the problem—from misunderstood emails and misinterpreted texts to misconstrued social media posts and missed social cues on Zoom—and learn how to respond to different communication preferences now. 

Through helpful charts, case studies, evidence-backed research, and more, you’ll walk away with the tools you need to ensure everyone on your team—yourself included—is heard and understood, so there’s less time clarifying and more time for everyone to be their best, most productive selves.  


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“Message received indeed! Dr. Mary shares incredible insight into the pitfalls of the message we are sending versus the message that is being received and how critical clear communication is to navigating the multigenerational digital crisis we find ourselves in. Throw in a pandemic twist and her trademark wit, and this becomes a must-read for anyone who wants to break down barriers by better understanding not only themselves, but everyone they communicate with.”
Jordan Sheridan, General Manager of Modern Workplace, Microsoft 

“Dr. Donohue has done it again! She has written another must-read for leaders who want to get the most from their teams. Read this book and learn from one of the best leadership minds in the field.” 
Michael Camp, General Manager, Walmart, Inc.

“This book is transformative! It has helped me change the way I communicate and how I lead a team of multigenerational leaders and teammates! Mary Donohue is brilliant, and she breaks down each generation, describing what drives their members and their communication barriers! Definitely worth the read!!!!!”
Leslie Lorenz, Director of Data and Analytics, Lululemon

“Dr. Donohue is already an inspiration to so many! In her new book, she expands on her guiding principles to communication. Dr. Mary has transcended the way our leadership team functions in any and every scenario. Message Received is a culmination of her organizational experiences plus her unique innovative spirit! Dr. Mary has identified the source and solution to our digital stress. Her subject matter expertise and willingness to forge the path for us all to embrace and thrive in the new digital world makes this a must-read!” 
Chris Ishii, President and COO, D4DT, Inc.

“Dr Mary Donohue did it again. She created simple yet comprehensive tools to help many generations connect right where they are. This is a must-read and a keeper for your fingertips’ resource.”
Pam McElvane, CEO of Diversity, MBA Media

“Rarely have I read and reread a book where I have not only highlighted its wisdom, but also taken notes. Dr. Donohue’s brilliant and pithy tome is sure to become the post-Covid bible guiding the way forward. The charts, which make science simple, are a must. Her talent is further revealed in her ability to make the reader both learn and chuckle at the same time. This is a rarity when many of us are facing our darkest days in this era of disaster. Kudos to Donohue. Get the book now! I hope my friends are not reading this review, because it is going to be your holiday gift.”
Neale Godfrey, New York Times bestselling author, America’s expert on family finance 

“This book is a must-read!!! It allowed me to understand where teammates were coming from, and further more, I was able to take action that paved the path to positive progress in achieving the objectives. More importantly, it allows leadership to be driven with an open mind, as the underpinning taps into one’s curiosity and interest. Congratulations, Mary.”
Christina Garganis Hois, Managing Director Cross Business Risk Capital Markets, BMO Bank of Montreal

Author Bio

Donohue, Mary: - Dr. Mary Donohue is a digital psychologist who has pioneered research in the field of evolutionary psychology with a focus on team leadership and management through technology. An award-winning CEO, she was named one of the 18 Outstanding Women in Tech and Diversity MBA's top 50 under 50.