Go Play Inside - Gareth Woods (Paperback)

What Video Games Can Teach Us About The Game Of Life

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“An honest look at games, the way they’re played today. Inside. Well written, witty it sucked me in.”
Ashleigh Giannoccaro, International Bestselling Author

Gaming is huge. Already there are more than 2 billion gamers in the world (more than the entire population of Africa). The gaming industry is bigger than the movie and music industries combined... and yet parents worry "What are my kids learning by playing games?"

"Go play outside" or "go climb a tree" children have been told for generations.
"You're wasting your time playing video games".

Well...I've learned far more from video games than I ever learned from climbing any tree. This book is a collection of lessons I have learned from more than 30 years of playing inside.

This is a collection of lessons for life gathered from a career of playing video games. The book is as much for gamers looking for insights, they can apply to their own lives from their own gaming experiences as it is for the friends and family members of gamers to better understand gamers and their passion for gaming.

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2 Aug 2021
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South Africa