10-Minute Dog Training Games - Kyra Sundance (Paperback)

Quick and Creative Activities for the Busy Dog Owner

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10-Minute Dog Training Games! Also published under the title "Dog Training in 10 Minutes a Day."

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1 Oct 2011
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Kyra Sundance
Quick and Creative Activities for the Busy Dog Owner
Quayside Pub Group
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In 10-Minute Dog Training Games, renowned trainer and internationally best-selling author of 101 Dog Tricks, Kyra Sundance, gives you step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions to do 86 simple learning games with your dog using a variety of props. They will be the highlight of the day for both you and your dog!

Short, fun sessions are ideal for a dog, especially when they end with success! Each 10-minute game will boost your dog's intelligence as his or her brain is challenged with new behaviors. Kyra Sundance teaches how to use positive, reward-based techniques that foster an anxiety-free environment where your dog is an eager and willing participant. Simple instructions and photos take the guesswork out of training, while tips and equipment suggestions answer your questions.

Using both specialized props and things around the house, help your dog build:
  • Confidence (Weenie Bobbing, Tunnel, Hoop Jump, Platform Jump, and more)
  • Mental Focus (Memory Game, Treasure Hunt, Massage, Dog Yoga, and more)
  • Coordination (Ladder Work, Seesaw, Wobble Board, Jumping Figure-8s, and more)
  • Strength (Tug, Assisted Upright Walking, Sit High, and more)
  • Direction-Following Skills (Roll out the Carpet, Soap Bubble Chasing, Paintbrush Painting, and more)
Enjoy special time with your dog every day with this dynamic, engaging curriculum!

Also by Kyra Sundance, learn to do even more with your dog with: 101 Dog Tricks; The Dog Tricks and Training Workbook; 51 Puppy Tricks; 101 Dog Tricks, Kids Edition; Dog Training 101; The Pocket Guide to Dog Tricks; Kyra&;s Canine Conditioning; and The Joy of Dog Training.


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Author Bio

Kyra Sundance is a world-acclaimed stunt dog show performer, dog trainer, and internationally best-selling author. Her dog team performs live acrobatic shows on premier stages internationally; at circuses, professional sports halftime shows, and on movies and television shows such as The Tonight Show, Ellen, Entertainment Tonight, Worldwide Fido Awards, Animal Planet, Showdog Moms & Dads, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. Kyra and her dogs starred in Disney's Underdog stage show and in a command performance at the palace in Marrakech for the king of Morocco. Kyra has written numerous popular dog-training books including the international best-selling 101 Dog Tricks, and hosts a line of award-winning dog-training DVDs. She also set-trains dog actors for movies and TV and lectures on positive dog-training methods. Kyra is nationally ranked in competitive dog sports, having trained, competed, and titled in a great number of dog sports. Her methods foster confident, happy dogs who are motivated to do the right thing rather than ones fearful of making a mistake. She shows us how to develop joyful relationships with dogs who balance enthusiasm with self-control. Kyra and her Weimaraners Chalcy and Jadie live with Kyra's husband on a ranch in California's Mojave desert.

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This book and "Dog Training in 10 Minutes a Day by the same author are EXACTLY the same - just different publishers