Featured August Pre-Orders - New Wilbur Smith, Yuval Noah Harari 19 Jul 2018


Augusts releases are headlined by the next adventure, Courtney's War, in the Courtney Saga from Wilbur Smith and a new title, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, from acclaimed Sapiens author, Yuval Noah Harari


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Taming of the Queen - Philippa Gregory (Paperback)
Absolute Proof - Peter James (Paperback)
A Map of Days - Ransom Riggs (Hardcover)
Darksoul Exaiie - Anna Stephens (Trade Paperback)
The Spear - James Herbert (Paperback)
The Rules of Seeing - Joe Heap (Trade Paperback)
Katharina Code - Jorn Lier Horst (Paperback)
Dork Diaries #13 - Rachel Renee Russell (Paperback)
Night Runners - Richard Crompton (Trade Paperback)
Dark Tracks - Philippa Gregory (Paperback)
Perfect Silence - Helen Fields (Trade Paperback)
F**k Plastic (Hardcover)

F**k Plastic (Hardcover)

101 ways to free yourself from plastic and save the world

Echoes In the Walls - Virginia Andrews (Paperback)
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