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Truthwitch - Susan Dennard (Hardcover)
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Difficult one

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This is a difficult one. There are so many conflicting feelings swirling around in me after this book I'm not sure where to start.

Let's do the Positive first:
I really like the "witchery"; the different powers and the way they are used throughout the story. How each witch interact (or experience) their different powers and how they all work.
I like the whole concept that Dennard created, and I hope that she will build on that.
The characters are mostly loveable - I especially liked Iseult, mostly because I think her power is awesome and the way she uses it to see into people around her.

Now for the not so positive things:
The flow of the story is very erratic, at times you can't put it down and the next moment you hit a slump that almost makes you want to run away from the book.
That is if you can get through the extremely slow start - and in all honesty I don't get why it's slow, it's not like there is a lot of world or character building. I think it's so slow, because it's so confusing, it feels like the base is missing. Like there is this giant hole and everything just gets thrown in.
This brings me to the plot. Very predictable. Very ordinary.

All this said I will still try the next book Windwitch; hopefully there will be more meat and information

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