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Redragon Centrophorus 2000dpi Gaming Mouse


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A competition-quality device engineered for fast-twitch gaming.

Instant Click Response

Better hardware for superior performance
We built the Centrophorus mouse as a competitive gaming mouse. In a world where milliseconds mean everything, the Centrophorus does its job in microseconds, delivering an instant click response from the high-quality micro switches down its 6ft of braided, shielded fiber cable.

A Vision Of Simplicity

Misclick no more with an ergonomic layout
You’ve only got five fingers, so we decided to give you six buttons (your thumb gets two). That’s why the Centrophorus earned buttons with a slightly larger surface area than competitors’ mice. Centrally located and impossible to miss, the DPI switcher can instantly toggle your resolution up or down, taking you from fast twitch to pinpoint accuracy at the moment that your game needs it.

We Weighted For You

Eight 2.4-gram weights add heft and balance
Located in the palm of the Centrophorus is a hidden chamber holding up to eight 2.4g weights. Add extra weight to avoid overshooting targets in stressful situations (or to reduce hand jitter on frictionless surfaces like our mousepads). Remove weight to have better control over the momentum of the mouse and allow for quicker motion.

Calm Curves And Pretty Lights

Ergonomic and backlit to frag all night long
Somewhere out there, a pro gamer is retiring at 24, wrists and fingers destroyed by arthritis and carpal tunnel from long hours of training and competing. Sure, he’ll pick up a cushy job live streaming events for a few years, but he’ll never open a jar of pickles again. The world of computer input device ergonomics has made incredible strides in the last few years, and we’ve rolled them all into the Centrophorus, from fingertip grips to a form factor that’s more natural to use.

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14 Jul 2016
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Customer Reviews

Quality Mouse as a great price

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Ive been using this mouse for a few months now and it has worked out really well. The mouse tracks very accurately on most surfaces and the adjustable weight feature is a huge plus, giving it a really solid feel.


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It's a really awesome gaming mouse. Great value for money and it arrived 3 working days after i purchased it. Definitely made pc gaming more fun!