Raidmax Tigershark Gaming Chassis - Black and Red


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We are celebrating our 3rd Birthday this year, and we are doing some awesome things to say thank you for shopping with us! Details...



  • Fluid lines design
  • Special design side panel for cable management, create more space behind the motherboard

Stunning Exterior

  • Carrying handles design

Effective Control Panel

  • Fan Speed Controller: Can control up to two fans
  • Card Reader: SD, Micro SD
  • I/O Ports: Front mounted USB 3.0×1, USB2.0x2 and HD audio portsx2

Modern Interior

  • Tool-free installation design
  • Easy to install 3.5″ H.D. racks also available for 2.5″ H.D. or SSD installation
  • Bottom mounted PSU

Cooling Optimized

  • Top: 2x120mm or 1x140mm
  • Side: 1x120mm fan (optional)
  • Front: 1x120mm fan (optional)
  • Back: 1x120mm fan

Liquid Cooling System

  • Support 120mm liquid cooling system


  • External Drive Bays: 1×5.25″
  • Internal Drive Bays: 3×3.5″ or 2.5″ H.D.
  • System Board: ATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX
  • Expansion Slots: 7 slots
  • I/0 Ports: 1xUSB3.0, 2xUSB2.0, 2xHD Audio
  • Support: 390mm VGA card

Product Details

21 Oct 2016
Product Group
Computer Cases
Weight & Dimensions
503 mm
202 mm
529 mm
5.49 kg
Colour of product
Black and Red
Supply Source
South Africa

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If it's cheap you're looking for it's cheap you'll get with this. Everything about it feels cheap. Be very sure that this will suit your needs, and as a warning, install your BD/DVD/CD drive first. The only way to get it in is from the inside of the case. Found this out the hard way. Also be very careful when connecting power to the front panel, I didnt pay attention and ended up frying the insulation off of the power cord, the cable is easy to wire wrong, having two power connectors. The standoffs mine came with unscrewed very easily, this may cause annoyance. Apart from being the quality you expect for the price, this does its job well enough. Personally I'd recommend something pricier that you won't be dissatisfied with.