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Nintendo Switch Console - Neon Red/Neon Blue

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Nintendo Switch Joy‑Con. Platform: Nintendo Switch, Processor model: NVIDIA Tegra 4. Colour of product: Black, Blue, Red, Gaming control technology: Analogue / Digital. Display diagonal: 15.8 cm (6.2"). Built-in memory capacity: 32 GB, Compatible memory cards: MicroSDHC,MicroSDXC. Wi-Fi standards: IEEE 802.11ac


Get the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like.

This bundle includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, with contrasting left and right Joy‑Con controllers—one red, one blue. It also includes all the extras you need to get started.

Product Details

13 Apr 2017
Product Group
Portable Game Consoles
Nintendo Switch Hardware
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1 Year
Display diagonal
6.2 "
Second display
Ports & interfaces
Headphone connectivity
3.5 mm
Headphone outputs
USB connector type
USB Type-A,USB Type-C
USB port
USB version
2.0/3.0 (3.1 Gen 1)
Built-in memory capacity
32 GB
Built-in optical drive
Card reader integrated
Compatible memory cards
Built-in touchpad
Colour of product
Gaming control technology
Analogue / Digital
Built-in camera
Wi-Fi standards
IEEE 802.11ac
Packaging content
Battery charger included
Cables included
User guide
Motion sensor
Parental control
Nintendo Switch
Processor model
NVIDIA Tegra 4
Supply Source
South Africa

Customer Reviews

Pure Innovation - Nintendo's Magnum Opus

Reviewed by on

The last Nintendo console I owned was the original Nintendo DS handheld, as I was pretty big into portable gaming back then. However the Wii and Wii U both never appealed to me, despite their fantastic exclusive titles. The consoles themselves just didn't do much to interest me. After the Nintendo Switch was revealed, I just knew that Nintendo was onto something special, and it was the culmination of the last decade of their work. It just had to work as advertised, and I'd be sold. Well, I'm surprised and extremely happy to say that the Nintendo Switch works exactly as advertised. No matter what you think about Nintendo or hear on the internet, no one can dispute that the console is a phenomenal achievement for gaming. For years we've all wanted to play games like Doom, FIFA, Zelda Breath of the Wild or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the go without sacrificing all the quality, which is what we've had to do in the past with extremely bare-bones portable games. No one can dispute that the ability to play multiplayer anywhere at anytime without having to buy additional controllers is just sublime, and pure innovation on Nintendo's part. The Nintendo Switch, however, doesn't let you feel its hardware limitations, as it delivers on its promise. It can't be explained enough how amazing it feels to play with the console however you please, whether you want to sit at your TV on the couch or play in handheld mode or leave the tablet propped up and just hold the controllers in your hand. The 'switch' aspect works like an absolute dream, with no delays in docking the console to enable TV mode or removing it to change to portable mode.

Yes, there will be those who argue that the battery life is very limited in handheld mode (it's about 2-4 hours depending on the game and screen brightness). There will be those who argue that the console lacks power compared to the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Well, no generation has ever been won on power alone, as is evident with the PS2 and Wii, both the weakest consoles of their lot. There will be those who argue that splitting the joycons is not the most comfortable way to play, but really you can purchase joycon grips for barely even R200 - Sparkfox Joycon Grips is a perfect solution for you, here on Raru. All that matters at the end is the games, and the Switch has an expansive library that is always growing with plenty of indie and third party support, as well as Nintendo's amazing first-party line-up. I mean, the first year of the console saw Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey release, both of which were GOTY contenders.

What the Nintendo Switch lacks in pure horsepower it certainly makes up for in innovation. It truly feels like a next-gen system, and what portable gaming has tried for the last 10 years to achieve. Despite the fact that I'm predominately a PC and PS4 Pro gamer, it's the Nintendo Switch that I always find myself playing at some point in a day, just because of the ease at which you can pick it up and play like a classic Gameboy, or take it out of the house to play some multiplayer. I actually spend nearly all of my playtime in handheld mode just because of the sheer convenience, and rarely switch to TV mode. I just simply return the console to its dock so that it can stay charged.

The biggest challenge the Switch has, in my opinion, is that some 8 button fighters will struggle on the system, and the directional keys are a bit too stiff and separated to work well with complex button inputs. But if that isn't of any concern to you, then the Nintendo Switch will deliver on all the hype. It's one thing to read about it or hear about it, but it's another thing entirely to actually experience the console and its quality games. I'm so happy I decided to buy this console, as it perfectly nails the hybrid concept while at the same time allowing you to relive the nostalgia of the original Gameboys except on a level that portable gaming has never come close to reaching before.

On the topic of odds and ends, if you're trying to decide which colour to buy, I much prefer the Neon Blue and Red version. It just feels so much more like Nintendo, and gives the console a very stylish appearance. Bear in mind that the Neon Red joycon is almost like a luminous orangey-red rather than a dark red. The grey model looks really smart, but it seemed like a bland choice when I already had a black PS4 Pro and White and Black PC set up. Furthermore, it's also not really necessary to get the rechargable joycon grip, unless you're regularly expecting to be playing for longer than 2-4 hours on the go without having access to the recharge dock.

In conclusion, with the games already out, and the fact that Super Smash Bros, Dark Souls Remaster and Pokemon are all still coming, it's hard not to recommend the Nintendo Switch as a gaming console to own over and above what you may already be playing on. This is Nintendo's best work.

Nintendo Switch. Worth every cent!!

Reviewed by on

At first glance this seems like a flimsy cheap console untill you dive deeper into it's core and find the true treasure that lies beneath the screen and the neon red and blue joy-cons. It's creative in every way using tilt controls, motion controls and compatible with Amiibo. It goes great with the Legend of Zelda, Mariokart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Oddysee. I have already spent more than 200 hours with my Switch and it is phenomenal. I also look forward to upcoming games like Kirby Star Allies, PayDay 2, Yoshi (untitled) and the latest in creativity, Nintendo Labo. The console also beholds some dandy and funky and cool and so forth indie games as well as platformer at a cheap price. Like SteamworldDig 2, Minecraft, Snipperclips, Slimesan, SnakePass and Yooka Laylee. Oh, Sonic Mania too! Enough blabbering, the thing is, I could talk for hours and hours about the switch and play for hundreds of hours. It is worth the money through and through. Definately buy it! The best in gaming, and with the Pro Controller, don't even get me started on that...

The best, most innovative console for my fast paced lifestyle

Reviewed by on

The Switch is truly amazing - in either portable or docked mode. It instantly turns on, and you are able to carry on playing right away. The graphics are top notch, the games are incredible - Nintendo are truly firing on all cylinders! Now, with the announcement of Nintendo Labo coming in April, it's becoming the console of the decade - most innovative, most creative way to enjoy your games!

High quality portable console

Reviewed by on

One of my favourite consoles so far, it really is phenomenal having full top quality 60fps games on the go!

Great Console

Reviewed by on

Absolute must buy for any Nintendo fan, wait a must buy for anyone. The Switch is extremely comfortable to play with, due to the many ways you can use it. The current line-up of games are great. Can't wait to see the new additions they bring in 2018.

A truly unique console

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I am so happy with my decision to buy this console. Fun for everyone and Nintendo switch specific games are unlike any other. The Switch has become this long time gamers favourite console. A must have for any casual and serious gamer.

Fantastic Games @ Fantastic Prices

Reviewed by on

This Console looks amazing, what a fantastic way to go Nintendo.So much thought put into keeping the masses entertained. Though I cant afford one right now I will be saving all my pennies and hopefully soon soon soon.