Nintendo Switch Carrying Case and Screen Protector (Nintendo Switch)

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Nintendo 2510766. Colour of product: Grey. Number of screen protectors: 1 pc(s)


Enjoy a full home-console experience anytime, anywhere with the Nintendo Switch Accessory pack.
This pack includes a carrying case and screen protector.

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3 Mar 2017
Product Group
Game Console Accessories
Nintendo Switch Hardware
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Colour of product
Nintendo Switch
Game console case
Packaging content
Number of screen protectors
1 pc(s)
Screen protector
Supply Source
South Africa

Customer Reviews

Nice cover. Limited space

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It's a nice bundle. Nothing fancy or flashy, it's plain black. I couldn't give it 5 stars because the space is quite limited. Even carrying the extra straps for the joycons adds a weird bump to the case.

Great screen protector! Good carry case.

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Though the screen protector is plastic, it functions perfectly and isn't noticeable at while using the console.

The carry case is good; it has room for a couple of games, and it protects the console. I wish it had a little more wriggle-room for the console though.

Very good

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It protects my switch for over 5 months now. Unfortunately the screen protector is plastic and not glass.

Switch Switch B!@#H

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Case is sufficient to carry the switch, however packing anything extra apart from games become a bit tricky

Well priced bundle

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Decent price for both a pouch and screen protector. The carry case is not of the usual high quality you come to expect from first-party Nintendo accessory, especially when compared to the official 3DS cases, but it's certainly serviceable and one of the very few slim pouches for Switch you will find on the market. It has built-in cartridge sleeve and accessory pocket, though due to the slim-fit nature of the case, you are not going to fit much at all into it the pocket, at least, not without creating an unsightly bulge when zipped up. The case can also be doubled as an excellent Switch stand, so that's a plus. As for the screen protector, it's everything you'd expect for a screen protector, also comes step by step manual for those who are nerves with applying them correctly.

Either way, if you are simply looking for a snug slim-fit pouch for your Switch with no plans to carry much accessories, as well as needing a screen protector, this is definitely a good buy.